My Blog List

Here is the link to the first ten years of my blog posts:

Days of Our Lives

Here are some of my favorite bloggers. I hope you’ll visit them.

Down in the Root Cellar by blogger Becky Drake (my sister-in-law)

Digging Genealogy by Annie Blanchard (my cousin- somewhere around 3rd or 4th cousin)

Family Roots and Branches by Gayle Hennington-Van Horn (my 4th cousin)

A Bit of History – Talbot Library & Museum

Amy Johnson Crow – Professional Genealogist


The two blogs below belong to two of my friends.  They aren’t currently blogging but I’m hoping that changes in the future.

Theology for Mom by Rochelle Cavanaugh; this blog is a mix of posts containing personal topics, genealogy, and religion.

Recipes from Lena by Teresa Allcorn

I will add to this list from time to time so be sure to check back!