Week 21 Blog Schedule

School has let out for the summer.  Graduation ceremonies have ended and summer has begun.  I am so looking forward to taking a break and getting some rest.  While I’m on the topic of graduations, I do want to say congratulations to my nephew Patrick DOWDY, and to my cousin’s son, Michael LARKIN, on their graduations this weekend.  Best wishes, Patrick and Michael!

Patrick's graduation

2018 graduate Patrick DOWDY.  I wish we’d been closer so we could have gotten a better photo.

Michael Larkin graduation

2018 graduate Michael LARKIN.  I was in a much better spot for Michael’s photo.

This week I’m going to re-post the blogs about John BATES so that next week I can continue the story of his final years and let you know what actually happened to him and where he is buried.  I’ve been wanting to finish John’s story for a while now.

blog week 21 john bates

I hope your week is restful.


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Week 18

Last week was so busy!  The last two or three months of each school year are always insanely busy.  I think I’ve finally hit that point where I won’t be blogging for a few weeks until all this craziness is over.  I’m proud of the fact that this year I’ve been able to hold off the “no blogging” streak for a month to month and a half longer than normal.  I’m going to cut myself some slack and not have a schedule for the next three weeks or so.  I will blog when I can and I will try to tell a very short story and/or photograph on Sunday rather than provide a schedule.  Hopefully in a month or so I’ll be able to tell some of the stories that were put on hold (like John BATES’ final years).  For now, I’m going to back off because I think any schedule at this point would be too much.

Today’s short story is about one of the earliest tenants at Jasper County Alms House (the “poor farm”) in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.  While I was at Joplin researching a couple of weeks ago I spent most of my time looking through a book containing a list of people who stayed there.  One of my strongest thoughts when going through this book was how many of the children who came there ever made it back to their families?  How did they get separated?  What happened when they left there?  I had so many questions.  I’ve found that there isn’t much information online about a lot of the children that came to the home.  For many of them I can’t even find out who their original families were.

The first person on the list was Clarissa YOAS.  Clarissa was born 157 years ago.  She was 14 years old when she was admitted to the alms house in 1875.  She (or whomever brought her there) gave her birth year as 1861 and her birth state as Pennsylvania.  She was single.   Later in the book there is another entry for Clarissa.  It said she was the daughter of Henry YOAS.  She died on 30 December 1942 and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas.  No other family members were admitted with Clarissa.  If she was born in Pennsylvania, how did she get to Missouri?  She had to come with someone.  Why did they leave her at the Alms House?  Did she have any family left?  Do her descendants know about what happened to her?  Does she even have any direct descendants?  So many questions!  So I did a quick search on Ancestry.com, Google, and Newspapers.com for Clarissa.

The majority of records that Clarissa appeared on were census records.  Other than those records, I found her in the alms house record and I found her death certificate.  There were no newspaper articles about her that I could find.  Clarissa’s surname was spelled a variety of ways (YOAS, YOES, YOSE, and YOOS).  Her first name was written as Clarissa, Clarisa, and Clara.  Although the alms house record, death certificate, and some of the census records gave her birth year as 1861, at least one census gave her birth year as 1857 and another as 1851.  Her birth state never varied- it was always Pennsylvania.  Clarissa never married.  She remained at the alms house from age 14 to the end of her life at age 81.  If she ever had a child, it was not recorded in the alms house record and is not in any record I could locate on Ancestry.com.

In the 1880 census, Clarissa was marked as being “idiotic” which would explain her presence at the alms house and would also explain why she never left.  In 1880, the definition of “idiotic” for purposes of the federal census was, “a person the development of whose mental faculties were arrested in infancy or childhood before coming to maturity”.  Additional information found on Genealogy.com about this subject says, “a number of known disabilities would have fallen under this category, including Downs Syndrome”.   Clarissa was also marked as a pauper on this census.  It is interesting to note that in 1880 just across the state line in Lowell, Garden Township, Cherokee County, Kansas (only 5 miles from where Clarissa was buried) is another YOAS family with a son, Francis YOAS, who is listed as “insane”.  He was born in Ohio in 1863.

The alms house went through a number of superintendents in the 67 years that Clarissa lived there.  The earliest superintendent was Benjamin HAMMER along with his wife, Tennie.  In 1900, it was James NALL and his wife, Laura.    In 1910, I couldn’t find Clarissa (nor could I find anyone else I expected to find living at the alms house).  In 1920 George W. MAXWELL was superintendent.  Jud HOWELL and his wife Eva managed the alms house in 1930.  The final available census is 1940.  It was unclear who was managing the alms house in 1940.  In the 1940 census, Clarissa declared she worked 4 hours a week.  At the poor farms, every individual worked at a certain job and the job was tailored to what the individual was able to do.  One additional thing I noticed in these census records is that people living at the poor farm were called “inmates”.

On 30 December 1942, Clarissa died.  Her cause of death was listed as Senility.  Her body was held for 13 months- possibly so family could claim her body if there were any family.  Her death certificate listed her dad as Henry YOAS but did not list her mother.  Clarissa was buried on 31 January 1943 at Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas.

clarissa yoas death cert

I’ve been unable to figure out who Clarissa’s parents and other family members were.  There are several families that I suspect are either parents or are closely related to Clarissa.  The family whose son was “insane” is one of the families I feel is closely related to Clarissa.  They are buried in a cemetery a few miles away from Clarissa (except for the “insane” son who ended up in an insane asylum and is buried in that asylum’s burial ground in Osawatomie, Kansas).  That family is Ernst and Lucy YOAS’ family.  They could be Clarissa’s parents but I don’t think so.  I think Clarissa’s parents may be Henry and Elizabeth YOAS.  Another possibility for her parents are Georg Heinrich and Elizabeth YOAS.  I have messaged a person on Ancestry.com who I think may be able to answer some of my questions about Clarissa.  If I hear back from her I’ll let you know.

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Week 17 Blog Schedule Plus Updates!


I’m going to put this week’s blog schedule right up at the top so that I can get into the updates down below.  If you’re here just for this week’s blog schedule you won’t need to read the updates that way.  The updates are for Bart’s paternal family, and my paternal AND maternal families. 

The schedule for this week is:

Monday:  On 23 April 1874, Bart’s paternal great grandfather, George PAGE, was born.  On Monday we’ll celebrate his life.

Wednesday:  On 25 April 1867, my paternal 3rd great grandparents, Quincy and Elizabeth Emoline (STEPHENSON) BELL, were married.  I’ll be blogging about them on this anniversary date.


This past week I took a day off from work and went to Joplin, Missouri to visit Bart.  He is working there right now and since we both have family from that area, I thought I would go and do some research while he was at work and then visit him in the evenings.  I spent a few hours in the Joplin Public Library on Friday.  I only looked at 3 books but I think I found one of Bart’s relatives in a book entitled, Mine Accidents and Deaths, Jasper County, Missouri, 1868-1906.  If it pans out, I’ll be sure to include a post about it here on the blog.  After the library, I pulled up one of my old blog posts (Small Town- David Alexander Cawyer and Mary S. Case (and Paralee and Emma) and decided to drive to as many of the addresses as I could find from that post.  The map shows the addresses to be close together but driving those short distances really brought home the fact that David lived in a very small area.  I was able to drive to four of the home sites: 218 St. Louis, which connected to 203 St. Charles which connected to 209 Highland and then 1511 Hill St was a few blocks over.  The homes in the area that haven’t had siding put on (or been renovated) show their age.  This seems to be a really old area of town.  The area lies to the West of Northpark Mall.  I also drove around some of the Villa Heights area but I had no exact address for where David lived in Villa Heights.  It was interesting to see the places for myself.  I’m including photos below. 

Above is where I think the Saint Louis street location is. It’s an empty lot right now.

Above is the Highland Street address. It looks like they removed the large tree that was hiding the house when Google last photographed it.

The above two images are of the intersection where the Saint Charles Street home used to stand. Ginger was checking out the walkers. 🙂

The Hill Street home burned down a few years ago and nothing has been rebuilt there.

The Villa Heights area is bounded on one side by 7th Street.

You know you’re in the right area because Villa Heights Christian Church still exists. I’m not sure if this area is marked on current maps but you can find it on historical maps.

Before leaving the area, I visited the closest cemetery, Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery.  I drove around a while but the cemetery is huge.  I gave up and went to the office but it was locked up.

On Saturday, I went to the cemeteries to decorate some of the graves.  I first went out to Reeds, Jasper County, Missouri to Reeds Cemetery.  I decorated the graves of my paternal 3rd great grandfather Jehue BAKER and his second wife, Lillie (LOWERY) BAKER.  My most recent post about Jehue is here.   

Next, I traveled to Peace Church Cemetery- a very old cemetery in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.  It’s on the Northeast side of Joplin.  The last time I went was at least 10 years ago and it was very overgrown.  Only a small portion of the cemetery was viewable at that time.  At that time, my mom and I were unable to locate the grave of my maternal 2nd great grandmother, Lucinda (DOW) ALBIN GIBSON JONES GATEWOOD.  Lucinda was the first person I blogged about when I decided to blog more consistently.  You can see that post on the old blog section at Livejournal here

I was surprised that when I arrived on Saturday there was a crew of about 20 or so people cleaning up the cemetery.  There was quite a bit more of the cemetery that was viewable this time as compared to when my mom and I came previously.  I was able to speak with the husband and wife- Jim and Kay BEELER- who organize clean up of the cemetery.  I still didn’t find Lucinda’s grave but I did learn about their clean up efforts and appreciate their doing it.  While there I photographed a young man- Aiden EVANS- who was helping to clean up the cemetery.  He told me he is responsible for cleaning the area where his EVANS ancestors are buried and he showed me a few graves right behind me that he said were his people.  I met his mom, Vonn EVANS, and she told me about their efforts and gave me permission to use Aiden’s photo on the blog.  While I was there someone from a media outlet was there to interview Jim BEELER about the clean up efforts.  I was glad to see them getting some publicity.  In case any of them decide to search for this blog post and read it, I want to say to them- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I wish I would have checked my photo of Aiden before leaving. I didn’t realize his eyes were closed. Aiden’s a good kid. I’m proud of him for helping out!

Above is Jim Beeler being interviewed. I didn’t ask anyone to spell their names so I hope I haven’t gotten the names misspelled too badly!

The next stop was Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery.  Their office was still closed and the so I figured I would call them this week and see if they have a list of burials. 

The final cemetery stop was Forest Park Cemetery.  I placed flowers on the graves of James and Martha (my maternal 3rd great uncle and aunt- the son & daughter-in-law of Charles George and Synthia Arrena (FOSTER) SEELY.  James went by Frank and his nephew was Preston SEELY.  I wrote a blog series about Press and it is still one of my favorites.  If you have time, go read about the duel he had with William PETTY over a girl.  The series is entitled “Jealousy and Bad Whiskey, OR Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight”.  You can find the first post in that series here.  

I only decorated one grave at Forest Park because I ran out of time.  I’ll have to get the others on another day.   For now, I have other things that need to get done.

Until tomorrow,

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Week 16 Blog Schedule

So much has happened in the last few weeks!  After spring break, school was back in session for one week.  The two weeks following that one, the teachers were on a walkout and I (along with about 40,000-50,000 fellow teachers from across the state) spent almost all of that week in Oklahoma City at the capitol building talking to legislators about funding for education.  The next week I spent one day at the capital but had to take the rest of the week at home trying to get taxes together, prescriptions filled, bills paid, and all the things that hadn’t gotten done while I was busy in Oklahoma City (and my fellow teachers continued on at the capitol).  This week we’re set to return to school.  I’ll go back to the capital once about every 2 weeks with a delegate committee to continue our business there.  Meanwhile, Bart was in Baytown, Texas from about the end of February through the end of March.  He then went from Baytown, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana for a week.  I sure wish I could have gone there!  He flew in yesterday evening.  He’ll have about 8 more weeks on his work season and then we can begin summer vacation!  I’m looking forward to finishing the last 5 weeks of school and then taking a break.

I’m going to attempt a couple of short blog posts this week.  Our school days have been extended so that we don’t have to add days to the end of the year which means I won’t have as much time to research or write for the next 5 weeks.  This week’s schedule looks like this:

Tuesday:     A short surprise blog post that I’m not ready to announce yet.

Friday:       Friday I will blog but again, I’m not ready to announce the topic. Sorry!

Any extra blog posts I do will be posts that further the series’ I’ve already started about John BATES or Quincy BELL, or about contact I had recently with a genealogy researcher in Belgium, or about my recent teacher walkout experience.  I can’t wait to write all of these posts for you!

Until then, enjoy your week!

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Week 13 Blog Schedule

I’m going to take a week off from the blog this week as far as scheduled posts.  If I have time, I will try to write a post or two but nothing scheduled.  It’s going to be a busy week with a job evaluation, trying to gather up tax papers, and some other things going on.  Rather than try to push things this week I’m just going to back off for a week and give myself a break.  I hope you all have a good week.  Feel free to volunteer to write a guest blog post for me.  (Hint, hint!)

I’ll leave you with a few photos for the week.  The first photo is Bart and Ginger on the beach in Galveston, Texas a week ago today.  It was so overcast that day that a helicopter flew right over us very low to the ground and the only time we saw it was when it passed in front of the sun and even then we only saw the black shadow of it.  The other photos are inside The Black Pearl restaurant where they had marked the water line after Hurricane Ike went through.  The water line was about 8 feet up the wall.  I would imagine there was a ton of clean up after Hurricane Ike.  On the first restaurant photo I drew a red circle around the water line mark. We had a great day.  If you get down to Galveston, I highly recommend The Black Pearl Oyster Bar and Grille.  They make a fantastic Po’ Boy Shrimp Sandwich.

Bart and Ginger Galveston TX March 2018.jpg

Go out there and have a great week.  Your attitude makes all the difference and it’s the only thing you can control anyway.


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Week 12 Blog Schedule

Well, I was one for three last week but at least I blogged.  This week will be busy but nothing like last week when I had Freshman pre-enrollment and book fair all in one week.  I’m so glad my mom came and helped me out with book fair!

Make a note that Alonzo Ervin DRAKE’s birthday is actually today (Sunday, 18 March) but I try not to do anything on Sunday other than the schedule so I’ll be blogging about Alonzo tomorrow.  Here’s this week’s schedule:

Monday – Alonzo Ervin DRAKE’s birthday was 18 March 1875.  Monday I’ll honor that birthday with a blog post.

Tuesday – William WOLF died on this date (20 March) in 1980.  I’ll celebrate his life with a blog post on Tuesday.

That’s it for the scheduled blog posts this week.  I am hoping to do some research this week so there may be an extra blog post or two if I find out anything exciting.  Additionally, I still need to catch up on John BATES’ blog posts and I need to finish the story about Quincy BELL.  This may be a good week to do those posts since things will only get busier at work until the school year ends.  Not to mention, this is the last big break I’ll get until then.

Until tomorrow,

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Week 11 Blog Schedule

Welcome to week 11!  I’m still blogging so I consider that a success.  This week is book fair AND Freshmen pre-enrollment so I’ll do my best to stick to the schedule but if I miss a day at least you’ll know why.

Tuesday- I will blog about my paternal 3rd great grandfather Quincy Adam BELL.  Quincy was born on this date (13 March) in 1825.  Exciting fact: I have found a potential DNA connection to the Bell family.

Thursday- I will blog about my paternal 4th great grandmother Sarah HARDEN (possibly spelled HARDIN) BELL.  She is Quincy BELL’s mom.  Sarah died in 1896 in Missouri.  Exciting fact: I have found a possible DNA connection to the Hardin/Harden family.

Saturday- I will blog about my paternal 5th great grandfather John WEDDING.  John died on this date (17 March) in 1864.  I have only found one DNA match with the surname Wedding in their family tree, however many people don’t put up a family tree so it’s sometimes difficult to tell how you are related to someone on the DNA websites.

St. Patrick’s Day is also on Saturday.  Don’t forget to celebrate your Irish heritage!

Until Tuesday,

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Week 10 Blog Schedule

Well- we did it!!! We made it through week 9 which historically really gets me down.  If I’m going to get bogged down and stop posting, it’s usually during week 8 or 9.  But I powered through and here we are. This week:

Monday – Monday is the birthday anniversary for both my paternal 4th great grandfather, Sanders LITTRELL (1815), and for my grandma Jessie BATES (1913).  I’ll be blogging about them on Monday.

Tuesday – Tuesday is the birthday anniversary for Bart’s maternal 2nd great grandmother, Maria Elizabeth BRUDERICK (1866). I’ll be blogging about her life on Tuesday.

Wednesday – I will try to get in a Messages for Madeline post on Wednesday.

Thursday – I will try to get back on track with the John Bates posts.

Saturday – Saturday is the death date anniversary (1924) for my paternal 3rd great grandfather, Jehue BAKER. 

While you’re waiting for tomorrow’s post, here’s another old photo of my cousins- Rick and Rob- that my mom sent me a week or so ago.

Week 9 Blog Schedule

This is the second post for today because I’m trying to get caught up!

This will be short and sweet.  The schedule for this week is:

Tuesday- (I hope) I will write a (very short) blog post about Hugh LARKIN and Sarah SARGENT’s (my paternal 6th great grandparents) marriage.  They were married in 1773.

Wednesday- If I have time, I will try to do a Messages for Madeline post today.

Thursday- I will blog about my maternal great grandfather, Albert Lewis BATES, in honor of his birth on 1 February 1881.  Somehow I marked his birthday in March instead of February on my yearly blog calendar!!  It really is a February birthday but I’m going to roll with my mistake and blog about it on 1 March.

Friday- I will blog about Bart’s paternal 2nd great grandparents, David CAWYER and Mary CASE, who were married in 1883.

I think I am going to take one more week to get my information together for another post about John BATES.  I have so much information that when I tried to write another post about him I just ended up confusing and frustrating myself with all the dates and details.  So I’m going to get myself together this week and hopefully post next week.

While you’re waiting for the next post, enjoy this photo my mom sent me recently. In the photo are my two oldest paternal first cousins, Rick and Rob. (I sure hope that’s just a binky in Rob’s mouth!!)  I never realized how much Rodney (the youngest of Rick’s siblings) looked like Rick when he was little.

Enjoy your week!

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Week 8 Blog Schedule

So sorry I missed Bess’s birthday Saturday and John’s installment last Tuesday!  The health issues continue and as we approach the end of the school year things will continue to be crazier and crazier at work but I will try to stay on top of things in spite of all this.

Welcome to week 8.  Yes, I know I’m a day late on the schedule.  Sorry!  This is another light week for the blog.  Actually, there aren’t any birthdays or anniversaries that I haven’t already written an anniversary-date blog post about so I think I’ll spend this week trying to catch up on what I missed blogging about last week and also get a head start on next week because this is about the time last year when I dropped off on the blog posts so from here on out I’m doing this year’s AND last year’s blog schedules.

Tuesday- I will post the link to a blog post about my paternal great grandmother, Bessie WILLIAMS LARKIN, since I missed her birthday post/link on Saturday.

Wednesday- I may or may not put up a Message for Madeline.

Thursday- The next installment on John BATES.  I’m going to TRY to have this post up today. 

Saturday- On this day I will blog about Eliza BELL WILLIAMS, my paternal second great grandmother.  This is the point at which I got derailed last year so I’m determined to get past her this year.  Every time I research her I feel like I’m on the verge of a huge breakthrough but I can never quite make it.  I may not have any exciting news about her but I am determined to write something!

Until tomorrow,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives