Weekend Wrap-Up for Week 7, 2017

Welcome to the weekend! Here are a few updates to previous stories I’ve written.

George PAGE

In researching George’s life, I think I’ve stumbled upon a grandson of George and Ina’s that has been lost to time. I believe the “Mr. and Mrs. Alex Page” in these news articles is the same couple as Alec and Irene BUZZARD PAGE. The dates all work as does the location. The first article is referencing births in the area. The date is off because the article is referencing births that happened in December of 1936. It must have been heartbreaking for the parents to see their son’s birth announcement come out in the paper almost a month after his obituary was published. The second article is this baby’s obituary. This baby would have been born between two of Alec’s boys- Fred and David. I’d love to have input from the PAGE family in regard to my theory about this baby. While we’re talking about PAGE babies- there is a PAGE baby buried at Zena Cemetery in Zena, Delaware County, Oklahoma. Can anyone tell me the identity of this baby?

Birth announcement for George PAGE.

Obituary for George PAGE.  Both articles come from Newspapers.com.


I located some additional information about the woolen mills in Minden, Michigan. There was only one sentence but it indicated a person other than Mr. Leavenworth built a woolen mill in Minden so I thought I would pass on the information. This information comes from the Forestville Bicentennial History found at US Gen Net.

Woolen mill built by Charles Ross.

I did find a couple of bonus goodies while researching Karl’s life.  I’m including this screenshot because I think I remember someone in my husband’s WOLF line marrying a member of the VARTY family. The document also includes a Charles BRUDERICK and I believe this is the Charles BRUDERICK who is my husband’s maternal 3rd great grandfather. I’ll be blogging about him later in the year so I’m hoping this lead pans out and I’ll be able to blog about it later. This screenshot was captured from the Patron Directory page that I linked to in Karl BRUMM’s post earlier this week. The link can also be found at the bottom of the screenshot.

I hope each of you has a great weekend. Come back tomorrow for a peek at next week’s blog schedule and a freebie photo of the week!

Until tomorrow,

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Weekend Wrap-Up #6 and a SURPRISE!

It’s the weekend! YAY! I haven’t been able to do much extra research for a couple of weeks now but I’m thankful for Becky who was able to do a little extra research this week and share it with us. Also, be sure to read to the end because there’s a big surprise at the end of the wrap-up!


Becky and I are looking into whether or not Sarah was a midwife. We may never know definitively but we’re trying. Rebecca WORK, who was at two of the three births documented in my post earlier this week, was also recorded as being at other families’ births in the same locale. I’m fairly certain Rebecca was a midwife. My question comes in whether or not Sarah was a midwife or midwife-in-training (or neither).

Fold3 record from Becky- one of the records showing Rebecca was present at the delivery of the HOBBS children.

Becky and I have also both questioned whether or not that is really Sarah on the 1870 Mortality schedule. Something’s going on- we’re just not sure what. There is a Sarah living with Nicholas and his children in 1880.

So the timeline goes like this:
1870 Mortality schedule- Sarah dies of consumption.
1870 Federal census- Nicholas and children are censused without Sarah.
1880 Federal census- Nicholas and children are censused with Nicholas’ wife, Sarah.

So, is this a second wife named Sarah? Was Sarah, for some reason, mistakenly assumed dead or mistakenly censused as dead in 1870? We don’t’ know all the answers yet but we’re still looking so there may be a future update on Sarah.


I have no updates yet on these two women. My husband’s Uncle Gerry is in the process of sending me copies of some records so there will, at some point, be an update on Lucille. For now, there is no new information to post.

John WILLIAMS- I forgot him!

When I posted the week’s schedule last Sunday I completely forgot to add in John WILLIAMS, my paternal 3rd great grandfather! John was born on this date in McKeesport, Illinois. You will never find this place on a map. I’m not sure where it is, actually. The information I have on his birth comes from his obituary and gravestone as well as this biographical piece in Historical Review of Arkansas: Its Commerce, Industry and Modern Affairs, Volume 3 by Fay Hempstead.

Biography of Edgar WILLIAMS, son of John WILLIAMS.

John was “a highly respected citizen of Roubidoux” in Texas County, Missouri. This was reported by the local paper in 1904. (The Houston Herald, 8 Sep 1904) He must have been well acquainted with the folks at the newspaper office because there were quite a few times that the local paper reported in the gossip column that John had come into town (Houston) to do business.

John was married at least three times. His son Samuel was my 2nd great grandfather and was John’s first known son by his first known wife. I say “known wife” loosely since I don’t have any idea what her name was.

John professed his faith in Christ at age 20 and joined the Methodist Church. He had one child by each of his first two wives and eight children with his third wife. It is said that when John’s son Samuel (my 2nd great grandfather) married my 2nd great grandmother Eliza Emma BELL that John disowned him. The reason is not known. You can read more about John and this particular issue at my cousin Annie Blanchard’s blog, Digging Genealogy. That link will get you to all of Annie’s posts about John and his son Samuel and that branch of the family. Much of what I know about John comes from Annie’s blog posts and from two incredible obituaries (one for John’s wife Armazinda and one for John) written by John’s friends at The Houston Herald.

Armazinda WALLACE WILLIAMS’ obituary (sorry for the quality- it was the best I could do). 20 August 1903 The Houston Herald, Houston, Missouri.

John WILLIAMS’ obituary. 08 September 1904 The Houston Herald, Houston, Missouri.

I know that type is hard to read so here is a transcription of the article:

“Death of John Williams.
God in His infinite wisdom has seen fit to remove from this earth Mr. John Williams, aged 64 years, 6 months, 22 days. He died Sept. 2, 1904; he was born in Illinois Feb. 11, 1840, and came to Missouri in 1869. He made a profession of faith in Christ at the age of 20 and united with the Methodist church. He lived a Christian life and a few weeks before his death he was baptized in the Christian church at Prairie Point [Texas County, Missouri].
“Uncle John, as he was commonly called, has been a sufferer from chronic bronchitis for the past eight years, but has been gradually growing worse the last two years. He was taken worse a few days ago and God relieved him Saturday morning at 10:50. His last hours seemed to be his happiest ones.
He was married three times; 8 children resulted from his last union, all of whom are still living.
During his life he accumulated a great deal of wealth and was very honest in all his dealings. He was industrious and his children have an example before them as to industry and serving God. He was ready and willing to go and did not fear death at any time.
His wife preceded him to that better world about one year ago and was there waiting the coming of her loved one who was very lonely after the death of his companion. His sons and daughters are heart stricken as they are fatherless and motherless, which as w[e] all know is very sad indeed, yet we are born to die and our Lord knows best. He has led another dear one from this earth into the arms of rest. He is sweetly sleeping and his spirit has returned to the God that gave it.
No more will his children hear his good words of advice, but all is silent; a place is vacant in their home. His chair can’t be placed for papa to sit down to rest again, for alas, he is at rest in Heaven; he is around the Great White Throne with the angels and has joined them forever.
Dear ones, you can’t bring him back, but you can go to him. You have the blessed assurance of meeting him never more to part; you have two bright lights in Heaven awaiting your coming, which we hope to know you will prepare to do and that is to meet them over there. They are safe in the vale. They are sleeping in the bosom of God.
During his illness everything that relatives and neighbors could do was done but the angel of death was the only reliever.
Funeral services were conducted at Liberty graveyard Sept. 4th by Rev. Johnson. He delivered a very touching sermon to a very large crowd. Tears filled the eyes of all the attendants as they beheld the orphans that gathered round to take the last look at father. Now, to the bereaved ones I would say, weep not, for your loss is Heaven’s eternal gain. He is at rest and has left this unfriendly world. His home is above and not built by hands. Make preparations to meet him and rejoice of his being with his Savior. While this is a dark hour to you, remember, be still, sad hearts, and cease repining; behind the clouds the sun’s still shining; your fate is the common fate of all; late each life some rain must fall; some days must be dark and dreary. May God be with you is the prayer of Celia Neal.”

That is quite an obituary! I don’t know that I’ve ever found a longer, more flowery obituary for any of my ancestors as Celia’s was for John WILLIAMS. Armazinda’s was equally long and flowery. I’d be happy to provide a transcription for hers if anyone wants it. Family, you can never say again that you didn’t have any wealthy ancestors. You’ve heard it from The Houston Herald yourself- John was wealthy, well-respected, and a pillar of the community!

That’s your update for this week. I found an error while proofing this post but when I went back in to correct it later I couldn’t find it again, so you get a bonus error (probably more than one, truth be known!) with your blog post! Enjoy your weekend and be sure to come back tomorrow for next week’s schedule.

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William Drake, Weekend Wrap-Up and Sunday Schedule – Better Late than Never!

My computer and internet connection have been giving me a lot of problems, as you know. As I was writing the blog post on William DRAKE this weekend (which you will find below), my computer AND internet both decided to act up again. I think we’ve resolved at least the computer problems today, though. So hopefully if I’m lucky, I can work around the internet connection issues in the future.

In any case, here is your all-in-one weekend edition of Days of Our Lives blog.

William Drake

I’ve struggled for a week trying to come up with a story to tell you about William DRAKE, my paternal 3rd great grandfather. I’ve written about a lot of the people connected to William but I haven’t written much about William himself. I still don’t have a great story to tell you (even though I’ve searched all week) but I’ll tell you what I can. If you’d like to catch up on the people connected to William, just go to the ‘Tags’ link and search for his relatives by name.

William was born in February of 1850 in Indiana to Ervin Alonzo (Poppy Lon’s grandpa) and Lavina PILGRIM DRAKE. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 William moved to Missouri with his parents. In 1870 the family was living at Kingsville, Johnson County, Missouri- near Kansas City. By 1874 the family had already moved to McDonald County, Missouri. At some point, William met Hester Ann Eglentine MITCHELL. He married her on 7 June 1874 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.

Marriage certificate for my William DRAKE and Hester Ann Eglentine MITCHELL.

The following year they had their first son, Alonzo Ervin, who is my 2nd great greandfather. Together they had 7 children. They also adopted a daughter, Perlie A. CALVIN.

The first census that William and Hester appeared on together as a couple was in 1876. I just found it this week. Their name showed up as DEAKE, however it is William and Hester along with their son, Ervin. At that time, they lived in Township 23 which included the towns (some now defunct) of Bethpage, Erie (now Goodman), Longview, May, Blankenship (also known as Plummer, Blair, and McNatt’s Mill), and Rocky Comfort.

1876 Missouri State Census. William and Hester are in the red circle.

The only other census I’ve been able to find them on as a couple is the 1900 census where they lived in McMillin Township, McDonald County, Missouri. You would know this area better as Tiff City. A MITCHELL family (possibly Hester’s relatives but I’m not sure) settled in this area in 1852. This MITCHELL family came from Tennessee, as did Hester’s. The first structure built was a distillery. It was a log structure that stood 3 ½ stories high! You can read more about the area in the Illustrated History of McDonald County, Missouri: from the earliest settlement to the present time.

William’s occupation is listed as ‘farmer’ on all the records I can find for him. If you’ll remember, I wrote previously about the fact that some researchers believe William was a constable but I have not found any proof of that. There is a William Drake near Kansas City who was a constable at approximately the time my William DRAKE lived there but these two William’s are not the same person.

This William Drake is NOT my William Drake.

I have no photograph of William and don’t know if one even exists. He passed away in 1909. I have not found any record of his death and very few records about him when he was alive.

Weekend Wrap-Up and Sunday Schedule

There isn’t any weekend wrap-up to do. I’ve been very busy so I haven’t gotten to do as much research and no one has messaged me with any additional information about the people I wrote about this week.

The coming week’s schedule will (hopefully) look like this:

Monday February 6th:
Sarah DAVIS REITER, my maternal 2nd great grandmother. Sarah passed away in February of 1870.

Thursday February 9th:
Lucille DEWITT WILLIAMS CULLOM, my husband’s paternal great grandmother. She was born on this date in 1882.

Friday February 10th: Mary McATEE WEDDING, my paternal 5th great grandmother who was born on this date in 1788.

I’m looking forward to the week when I can get back on schedule. This week is my last week of training for the new job so hopefully we’ll be back on schedule if not this week, then next. Thanks for sticking with me through all these computer and internet access issues and training for the new job. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are rested up for next week!

Psalm 118:24 – This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Until next time,
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Week 4- Weekend Wrap Up

There is so much to tell you and I’m just going to jump right into it!!

One of our good friends (and DeReK’s good friends), Herman Garcia, messaged me with a photo and story after I posted the blog about DeReK. Herman was unable to message during the week leading up to the post because he was in drills and did not have access to his phone. Here is the photo and story he sent:

Herman’s story:

photo was taken when I helped Derek move to Dallas. He was a big OU fan obviously and we enjoyed watching, talking crap on Texas longhorns. Every start of football season I think about watching games together when we were at NSU.

I miss him and another thing I wanted to share was how he has inspired me even today on establishing a relationship with the Lord. I faced some trials in life and I often think about how strong his faith and I wish sometimes I could call him and talk about scripture and what I could do to grow my faith but I know one day in heaven we’ll be able to hang out and hang out with God talking about OU football. Marley recently asked me where she got a caterpillar and I told her uncle Derek got it for her and I told her how he was daddy’s friend and how he was a good man I even showed her this photo. She said we were silly which she was right. Being around him you knew you were going to laugh about something. I love you and Bart and Shaina and August, Melissa. Happy Birthday Derek.

We’re so proud of Herman. He’s become an incredible man and father. He’s a proud American and a great law enforcement officer. We love Herman and his family and I was so glad to hear from him.

William LARKIN and Minerva UNDERWOOD LARKIN (Dad’s family); and, William and Laura (BULLOCK) RITER (Mom’s family)

Going back a couple of weeks ago to when I was talking about William LARKIN: I was able to acquire both of the death certificates I talked about in that blog post. The one that I speculated might be Minerva UNDERWOOD LARKIN was, unfortunately, not her. However, the person it was is related so I want to talk about that for a minute. I actually wanted it to be it’s own blog post (and maybe it will be someday) but for now I’ll just give you the straight information without a story. It turns out the death certificate was for an infant that did not live. The baby belonged to Samuel Anglus and Frances DEAN (or possibly BEAN) LARKIN. Samuel was a brother to our William listed above so the baby was our William and Minerva’s nephew. The baby was not named therefore there was no name on the death certificate other than her last name. She died the same day she was born- 19 March 1917. I do believe she lived a few hours since the death certificate says she lived 1 day as opposed to saying she was stillborn. The cause of death was “premature labor”. She was born in McBride, Cherokee County, Oklahoma and is buried at Baldridge Cemetery in Gans, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. I don’t know if her grave is marked but I’m hoping to go see about it soon. I would say that it probably is not marked for the simple reason that when I looked up that cemetery online, there were only 2 graves listed and neither was hers. I created an online memorial for her if you would like to go leave flowers. You can find it here . Even though her mother’s surname on the death certificate is BEAN, the marriage certificate for Samuel and Frances says “DEAN”. If I had to choose one, I would say the correct name is probably DEAN. I’m sure Frances was upset and stressed at the time the baby died. The doctor wrote up the death certificate information. I’m sure he wrote what he thought he heard which accounts for the BEAN name. I could be wrong but that’s my guess and my theory. I’m not going to include other details because I’m looking for an opening in my schedule to tell you about this family soon. Most likely, there is no death certificate for Minerva UNDERWOOD LARKIN but I’m going to keep searching until I’ve exhausted all avenues.

The next death certificate was the one I hoped was for our William LARKIN. If this William LARKIN is related, I haven’t found the connection. This William was born in 1851 in Illinois and died in 1926 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. None of our direct-line LARKIN’s went through Illinois so if he’s related it would have to be through a collateral line (brother/sister of our direct-line ancestor).

One more issue with William LARKIN. I attempted to get more information about the mine he owned. Mom and I visited the Missouri Southern State University Archives & Special Collections and spoke with Archivist Charles Nodler. He oversees an incredible collection of Tri-State Mining maps. I was able to narrow down the section of Aurora where the mines are located but was unable to locate the specific mine William owned.

See all those tiny dots on the map? Each tiny dot is a mine shaft! This is only the town of Aurora.

All is not lost- there are other places I can look but I wanted to keep you updated on the search for the mine that was once in the family. While there I asked if there were documents that might list miners in the area and associate them with a particular mine – employment records or whatever might list names and associate them with mines. Bart and I and even our daughter-in-law all have many miner-ancestors who were working in the Tri-State area. The archivist didn’t know of any employment records and pointed us back to city directories. I have access to some directories online but he did take us to the directories he had on hand. We were able to find my mom’s grandparents, William and Laura (BULLOCK) RITER in the 1925 Polk’s Directory for Joplin. I wrote about Laura in week 1 and have written about William *****in the Lost and Found series that starts here.


The same week I wrote about William LARKIN, I also wrote about Ralph LARKIN and his sister, Alice EDENS. I hypothesized that Alice was Ralph’s sister and not his aunt. I gave my reasons for this belief. Here is one more piece of documentation that further supports the theory that Alice is Ralph’s sister, not his aunt.

(Jess is Ralph’s brother.)

In addition to this article, I found one more news article this week about Ralph and Bess announcing the birth of their son, Paul, so I thought I would share it here:


Last week I wrote about Dettie Louisa GIBSON BATES and her sibling, half-siblings, and step-siblings (all 23 of them!!). When Mom and I visited the archives at Missouri Southern State University, we looked not only at the Tri-State Mining Maps collection but also at a small file about the Old Peace Church Cemetery in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. Dettie’s mom, Lucinda DOW ALBIN GIBSON JONES GATEWOOD, is buried there but we’ve been unable to locate her exact burial spot. We were hoping to find it or at least get a little closer. Unfortunately, what we discovered is that we will probably never know for sure where her burial spot is. Information in the file shows that no burial records were ever kept and in fact, information about burials were so bad that sometimes bodies were buried on top of other bodies. I haven’t given up, but I’m not holding out much hope we’ll ever get any closer than we’ve already gotten.

Troy and Jessie RITER BATES

Remember last year when I wrote about finding a deed? I took one of the deeds and compared it to Satellite maps on Google and came up with finding directions. (See blog post here) Well, one day this past December when Bart was off work I asked him to go driving around with me and we found what we believed was the property listed in the deed. Then this week I took my mom back to that area and asked her to show me where their old property was and she took me to exactly the place Bart and I had gone. (It’s nice to have validation!) She had so many stories to tell me connected with that place. I took photos both times I went and when I get an unscheduled day on the blog (soon) I’m going to post the photos and stories for you. It was a nice trip. She also showed me some of the properties where her grandparents lived and I’ll be using photos of these properties later in the year on future blog posts.

Enjoy your weekend, family! I start my new job next week so I’m hoping I can keep up with the blog!! Bart starts jury duty next week too, so it’s going to be a crazy week here.

Until tomorrow,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

Weekend Wrap-Up for Week 2

My computer has shut down four times while writing this one blog post. So if it’s a little choppy or the editing is done poorly- I’m sorry. I’m a little frustrated at this point! This has been a crazy busy week. I’m glad you’re coming back around the blog today for the weekend wrap-up. I’ve got lots to tell you! I’ll organize this post by following up on each featured ancestor in the order I presented them on the blog this week. Let’s get started!


First thing this week we talked about Ralph and the hubbub with how many siblings there were and where Alice UNDERWOOD EDENS fit into things. I emailed another researcher who I’ve been in touch with before about Alice. I explained to her the research I had in front of me, what my conclusions were and why, and offered her some documents. I asked her to read the blog post and get back to me with her thoughts and conclusions on the matter. She responded to my first email but didn’t respond again after that. I’m not sure if my conclusions about Alice upset her or whether she is just busy right now and unable to deal with genealogy. Since I’m not certain about her outlook I won’t post her name. I will, however, post Alice’s death certificate which Becky was kind enough to locate and send to me. You can see that the certificate declares Minerva’s parents to also be Alice’s parents. I still stand by my original conclusion although this particular record doesn’t support my conclusion. I am definitely open to anyone who would like to offer a different conclusion with supporting evidence. In the meantime, here’s that death certificate:


On Tuesday I featured James BUTLER. Becky had the great idea of putting the BUTLER-CAUDILL marriage certificate on a yellow background which makes it easier to read. EasiER- not easy. Here’s the copy she did for us:

The best and most exciting breakthrough of the week also comes courtesy of Becky and her stellar sleuthing abilities. She has finally found the couple I truly believe to be the parents of Nancy CAUDILL BUTLER. I’ve had several different couples listed and changed them for various reasons and the couple I have listed now is not a couple I was ever very sure of. However, this couple that Becky found looks to be the right ones FINALLY! Thanks, Becky!! Here’s the screenshot she sent me showing the family in the 1870 census:

So now you know! Nancy CAUDILL’S parents were Joseph and Martha BOWLIN CAUDILL. BOWLIN has also been spelled BOLLEN on some records.


There is so much to say about William! Becky came through for us again by finding the newspaper article about William’s tent burning and the city directory page. Great job, Becky! I thought it was a little odd that William lived in a tent but it turns out Tulsa was basically a tent city at that time so it was perfectly normal for that time period. Becky pointed out that also listed on the city directory page are William’s son Jess and his dad Joseph (my 3rd great grandfather who was 68 at the time!). They were all living together along with William’s wife Minerva and a Mrs. Emma LARKIN. I’m still trying to place this Emma. I don’t know of Jess or Joseph being married to an Emma nor do I know of Ralph (William’s other son) marrying an Emma. William had a daughter named Emma but she married a SPILLERS and this directory page specifically refers to her as “Mrs.”. So I’m still trying to place her. If you get it figured out before I do, please share with us!

The next time you’re driving around Tulsa (and wondering if William, Jess, and Joe might have paved the road you’re driving on) I want you to check out some locations if you have the time to wander around. Owen Park would be a good place to start. Vitrified Brick & Tile had their business located there at the location where Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School now stands. Tulsa Preservation Commission has a great PDF brochure you can access online that gives a little history about Vitrified Brick along with a sketch of the business as it looked in 1907. You can find it here. While you’re in that area you might as well drive by 121 N Nogales where the LARKIN’s lived. It’s near where the company used to be. Mechelle has agreed to get us some photos of the old fair ground district area which played a part in the newspaper article we read. She’ll get to that when she has some free time. Thanks Mechelle!

Do you remember that new Oklahoma vital records database I told you about in William’s blog post? Well I was able to get the death certificate for the William Larkin listed on the database (the one in the screenshot in the blog post). It was not our William LARKIN. I was really disappointed. I also tried to get the other one with the female LARKIN that was unnamed on the database (the other screenshot I posted). There were some issues and they wouldn’t release it to me. The Oklahoma City office is supposed to review my request and make a determination of whether I can have a copy of it. I haven’t heard from them yet but when I do I’ll let you know.

I’m also still working the mine angle and trying to find information about the mine William owned. I’ve found a spreadsheet online that gives me hope the information is out there somewhere. You can take a look at the spreadsheet here. I’m also looking through the finding aids at the State Historical Society of Missouri to see if they have records. I found a map here that defines the Aurora Mining District and a second map that shows current mines in the area. Also I’ll still need to make another trip to the courthouse in Lawrence County to see what they have. I’m working on it but don’t let that stop you from trying to figure out the mystery before I do! If you make a discovery share it with us!


I hope you noticed that this time I included Clara’s middle names. Thanks for reminding me, Bob! He said the photo I used in the blog post was from their 50th wedding anniversary. He also told me a great little story that’s too good to keep to myself! He said, “Grandma’s (Clara’s) Dad, Michael Turk, had no use for William Wolf. He packed up his daughter and sent her to Cleveland. William went after her. That’s why they were married in Ohio.” That clears up a long-time mystery for me! I always wondered how they ended up marrying in Ohio. Problem solved! Thanks, Bob! Bob was also kind enough to look at the cruise party photo and tell me Clara definitely wasn’t in that photo. After posting, I had gone in and enlarged the photo quite a bit and was at the same conclusion myself but I only have one photo of her and never met her so it was nice to get a family member’s opinion.

Betty let me know that the name of the town in which William was farming is actually Port Hope, not Fort Hope. Thanks, Betty! Also, Clara and William had two girls and three boys so I need to go back and correct that blog post. Thanks again, everyone!


I don’t have any updates on Charles or Esther but wanted to thank everyone for their kind words about these posts. I was in a hurry with Charles’ post and wasn’t happy with how choppy the story ended up being but some days I have next to no time to edit after I write. I don’t want that to stop me from getting the information out there, though. So, it is what it is. Thanks for sticking with me anyway! Thanks to Joyce for her kind words about how I handled Esther’s Alzheimer’s. I’m glad to know Esther would have approved.

Enjoy your weekend, family and friends! Next week will be another great week! Think positive thoughts, pray your prayers, love and support each other.

Until tomorrow,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

It’s a Wrap! Weekend Wrap-up

On Saturdays, rather than posting photos like I’ve been doing on days when I have no blog posts scheduled, I think I’m going to do updates. Becky often supplies me with lots of follow-up information that I didn’t find and I often will find more information after I’ve posted. Another thing that happens is that people will read the story and then afterward provide lots of information that could have been included in the story. So Saturdays will be for updates on past blog posts (ones I’ve done in previous years as well as ones I’ve done the week of the update). I’m hoping this is the final format change for this year. I think it will be a good one.


There is something that I didn’t think to make clear at the start of this year and I need to go back now and clear it up. There are some ancestors for whom I only have a month and year for birth or death dates. Rather than leave them out I decided to include them on weeks where I felt there weren’t many blog posts scheduled. So for instance, Nancy Chambers Hubbard whom I blogged about on the 5th here at this link is one for whom I only had a month and year so I chose to post her blog on the 5th as that was a week when I had fewer blog posts scheduled than other weeks during January. So to be clear, all I know about Nancy’s birthdate is that she was born in January of 1845. I will try to be up front in the future when I do this again. It will happen later in January with David Elick CAWYER and August SCHNEIDENBACH (Bart’s paternal 2nd great grandfater and his maternal 3rd great grandfather respectively).

In addition, Becky sent over this little tidbit of information. She believes this may be where John and Nancy CHAMBERS HUBBARD are buried. Although it was called Patterson Cemetery at the time of the printing of this article it has since been renamed as Dogwood Cemetery. I have not had time to research any of this. Hopefully some of you will have some time to look into it.

One last tidbit of information that I found but did not include in the blog post about Nancy was that in 1860 she seems to have been censused at both her parents’ home in Bodega, Sonoma County, California as well as at her ALLEN grandparents’ home in Washington Township, Harrison County, Missouri. Where she was really at is anyone’s guess. It sure does intrigue me, though! If you want to take on this research project and see if you can discover why she was shown as living in both homes, be my guest! Figure it out and get back to us with the scoop!

I hope you have a great weekend. Remember tomorrow is Sunday so the weekly blog schedule will be posted. I haven’t had great internet service recently so no guarantee that it will be there at 7:00 a.m. but I’ll do my best.

Until tomorrow,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives