This is the new version of my blog- Days of Our Lives 2.017, if you will.  The original posts are at Days of Our Lives blog. I made the change because I wanted to include audio on a few new blog posts and was unable to do that on Livejournal.  So, with some trepidation, I bid adieu to Livejournal and joined WordPress.  This blog will tell stories about mine and my husband’s ancestors and the eras and locations in which they lived.  I began blogging family stories because when I’m gone, most of those stories will go with me to the grave if they aren’t somehow preserved.  My hope is that one day when my daughter and grandsons are interested in their family history, this blog will still be in existence and they can find the stories here even after I’m gone. In the meantime, hopefully these stories will interest other family members to begin researching and help me meet new family members I would not have otherwise met.  I hope you enjoy reading the stories.

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