Henry Schell and Elizabeth Yoachum

Do you remember when I wrote about the YOACHUM Silver Dollar legend? You can find that story here if you need to refresh your memory. You can also find a SCHELL/YOACHUM family photo in this post. This weekend I’ve been thinking about and researching that family again and I came across a website I’d really like to share with you. I found a photo of Henry SCHELL’s trading post and water mill on the website. It gives a lot of history about the SCHELL/YOACHUM and related families as well as the surrounding community of Shell Knob, Missouri. You can find the website at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mobarry/shell/schell.henry.htm. Here’s their business that founded Shell Knob, MO:

Henry SCHELL’s trading post and water mill at Shell Knob, Missouri. Photo comes from https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mobarry/shell/schell.henry.htm.

There are many other family photos at the website. The individuals are not named but are part of the SCHELL family. I hope that some day people can identify the individuals. In addition to the brief story and all the photos on the page above, there is an additional link to a newspaper article about the family that can be found at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mobarry/data/news/schell-BigSugarCreek.htm. That page also contains this photo:

Photo to be Henry and Elizabeth (YOACHUM) SCHELL’s home and Henry’s burial spot.

I encourage you to go read the websites to learn more about the SCHELL-YOACHUM family and take a look at those photos. Do they resemble any of our BAKER or DRAKE ancestors? I was excited to find all of this information freely available on the internet. Take advantage of it before it’s gone.

Here’s one additional link to the actual newspaper image: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mobarry/data/news/schell-PRnewsp-1967.jpg

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday morning. This is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.

Until next time,

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Notes on a Saturday Morning

If you’re expecting an in-depth blog post this morning, this won’t be it. I’m just posting a few notes about what (or rather, who) I’m looking into this morning.

Drake Family

This morning on the Drake line, I’m looking into Margaret FERRERS KIRKHAM who is said to be my 13th great grandmother through my paternal line. She was born around 1504 in Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, England and died around 1529 in England. She married Thomas KIRKHAM. According to Wikipedia, in the 13th century large swaths of the Forest of Arden were cleared for farmland and it was likely at this time that Margaret’s family built a moated manor there. The house has a very interesting history (including a stained glass coat of arms and a murder inside the manor!) which I encourage you to learn about.

FERRERS Crest and Coat of Arms.

The family manor is currently owned and operated by the National Trust. The manor has appeared in an episode of Sherlock Holmes and an episode of Antiques Roadshow. According to Wikipedia, Baddesley Clinton manor is a “Scheduled Ancient Monument” and the park/garden area is on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

A Wikipedia photo of Baddesley Clinton FERRERS manor.
PHOTO CREDIT: By DeFacto – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47097511
A nice interior shot of the manor from Wikipedia.
PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)., CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59833675
A Wikipedia photo with a nice shot of the moat included.
PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)., CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59834609

Just in case you’re wondering about our 13th great grandfather, Thomas KIRKHAM and Margaret FERRERS’ husband, here is his Coat of Arms:

Kirkham Crest
KIRKHAM Crest and Coat of Arms found on Ancestry.

You can find an article on the KIRKHAM family on Wikipedia.

Bates Family

This morning on the Bates line, I’m looking at Jeanne FAMELAR CLAUSS who is said to be my 12th great grandmother through my BULLOCK-DALE branch on the BATES line. Jeanne married Pierre CLAUSS. There is one researcher who has referred to Pierre as the “Knight of Marchaumont” but I haven’t been able to verify any such title this morning. Jeanne was born about 1587 in France. The family lived in Sedan, Ardennes, France, which is on the border of France. The area has an interesting history according to Wikipedia. During Jeanne and Pierre’s lifetime, Sedan was a sovereign principality of the La Tour d’Auvergne family. With the help of the Holy Roman Empire, Sedan defeated France but was immediately beseiged again by France. The prince of Sedan submitted to France and the area was annexed into France for which the prince’s life was spared. Wikipedia has the “60-second commercial version” (as my brother would say) of the history of the area. It’s very interesting.

You can meet a distant cousin who blogs and who shares Jeanne as an ancestor by going to her post about Jeanne at Through the Looking Glass blog. She includes a pretty picture of the area of Ardennes, France where Jeanne lived. I’ve found some crests and coats of arms for the two families but there is some variation in what the look like so I didn’t want to post anything until I’m sure of the correct ones. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find much on this family during my research time this morning.

I did find a funny Coat of Arms for the area of France where Jeanne and Pierre were from though. I kind of like this one. It’s for the area of Sedan, Ardennes, France:

Coat of arms of Sedan
Sedan Coat of Arms.

I like that coat of arms. It’s very different. Sedan was, for a time, an asylum for Protestant refugees. It’s a beautiful place and I encourage you to go in search of photographs of the area when you have a few minutes to spend online.

Williams Family (Bart’s)

Bart’s family: Let’s talk about Susanna FANSHAWE LUCYE, the woman said to be Bart’s 11th great-grandmother on his paternal line through the PAGE and DUKE branches. Susanna was born in Valence House in Dagenham, Essex, England. The location has been built over but the house itself remains and is open as a museum in Dagenham.

Valence House Museum. Photo taken by Gurdeep Bhatia in August of 2019.

I highly recommend browsing their website. The museum does have images and records that pertain to Susanna and her husband, Sir Timothy LUCYE, but they are not online and can only be seen at the museum – some can be seen by appointment only so if you plan a trip, plan ahead for that. If you’d like a virtual tour of the Valence House Museum (I love virtual tours!) you can find that on Vimeo. At approximately 4 1/2 minutes into the video you will see a section of wall that has a painting dating back to the time of Susanna FANSHAWE LUCYE. Following that scene, you will see portraits of the FANSHAWE family that are hanging in the museum. This video is on Valence House’s Vimeo channel so there will be other videos there that you can watch that pertain to the house and museum.

Another interesting find was the FANSHAW Crest and Coat of Arms:

FANSHAW Crest and Coat of Arms.

Flickr has a photo that is accompanied by a tomb inscription for Timothy and Susanna. An extensive history of the FANSHAWE-LUCYE family can be found at the Internet Archive. It will look like a blank link. Just keep scrolling down or do a search of the page and you will find the information. The LUCYE family also has their own website where you can find their family history. You can find LUCYE Coat of Arms and history here as well.

EnglishGathering - The Lucy Coat of Arms (Family Crest) and Surname History.
Crest and Coat of Arms for LUCY/LUCYE/LUCEY families. I like this one!

I love the amount of information available online about this family and hope to research them more in-depth in the future. The LUCYE family also had a manor. It was called Charlecote Park. You can see it and find out more here. The house-museum is actually having a huge Heritage Days celebration right now that ends tomorrow. Mark that celebration on your calendar for next year! Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth I stayed in the room that is now the drawing room. Another fun item: William Shakespeare supposedly hunted rabbits and deer on the property as a young man. A portion of the property was made into a “hostelry destination for notable tourists” according to Wikipedia and hosted such people as Sir Walter Scott and Nathaniel Hawthorne. The National Trust now runs the property. Here’s a photo from inside Charlecote Park. I mean, is this not GORGEOUS?!

Lucye House in Charlecote, England. This is a photo of the dining room from the National Trust website.

Wolf Family

Bart’s maternal line is a lot harder than all of these other lines so this one will be shorter and more of a plea for help. Bart’s 4th great grandfather is Fredrick FISCHER. He was born around 1800. He married Christena HINEMAR (possibly HEINEMANN). Frederick was from Germany (possibly Prussia) and I believe Christena probably was, too. I have made no headway on the FISCHER family beyond Fredrick and his daughter Wilhelmina Ida “Minna” FISCHER. I only know Fredrick’s name. I don’t know any exact dates for him.

If you can help me with the FISCHER or HINEMAR lines, I would appreciate it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short weekend blog post. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. It’s National Preparedness Month so be sure you have your emergency plans in place and that everyone in your family knows what to do in an emergency.

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Happy Birthday, Jeannie

Today my cousins are remembering their mom on her birthday, so I will join them. Their mom was Jeannie STROUT. She was born in 1949 to Bobby and Virginia (KUYKENDALL) STROUT (at least, I think Virginia was her mom). I haven’t been able to do enough research to confirm who Jeannie’s mom was yet. Jeannie had four children – 2 boys and 2 girls. One of her daughters, Kim, passed away in 2001 – a loss that devastated my cousins and, I’m sure, devastated Jeannie as well.

Jeannie and Poynor Baptist Church

As with most of the spouses of my paternal aunt and uncles, the spouses attended Poynor Baptist Church at some point. Jeannie was no exception. Her entry in the Membership Roll book shows she was saved on 20 September 1970. She was baptized 19 September 1972. Her entry is under her married name of DRAKE.

Poynor Baptist Church Membership Roll entry for Jeannie STROUT DRAKE.

At the time of this entry, her address was Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas.

Jeannie’s dad, Bobby, was a preacher so church and religion were not a new thing for Jeannie or her sister, Linda. Her dad pastored Guiding Light Tabernacle, an evangelical church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for years. Jeannie’s mom has been a bit of an enigma for me so I won’t go into her until I have solid information.

For now, I’m going to leave you with this simple sketch of Jeannie. I was too young to have any memories of her myself and haven’t had time to ask around for stories about her so sometime in the future I’ll get back to writing about Jeannie. In the meantime, hugs to my cousins as they remember their mom on her birthday.

Peace & Love,

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Reverend Montgomery of Poynor Baptist Church

Yesterday my dad asked me about some of the early pastors of Poynor Baptist Church so I began looking through the records. One of the early preachers was a Reverend MONTGOMERY. It took some time to search out who he really was. Here is the information I started with from the Poynor Baptist Church Membership Roll book and a handwritten letter found in the box given to me by my cousin Chris.

A handwritten ‘copy’ of a letter written by the Missionary Baptist Church of Poynor on 7 March 1954 offering Reverend MONTGOMERY a call to pastor the church. The church was 2 years old at this point.
Poynor Baptist Church Membership Roll book showing Rev. C. M. MONTGOMERY and wife Ethyle. This entry has their names crossed out because they moved to Seneca, Missouri. The entry shows a letter of recommendation was sent to their new church and that Reverend C. M. MONTGOMERY passed away after moving.
Index of the Poynor Baptist Church Membership Roll book dated 1964 showing C M and Ethyl MONTGOMERY and noting that the couple had moved, a letter of recommendation had been sent, and that C. M. had passed away.

As you can see, Ethel’s name was spelled two different ways. There are other issues with spelling that you’ll see in a minute. This is why it took some time to figure out who this couple was. As it turns out, C. M.’s name was actually Charles Nathan MONTGOMERY and he was called “Shug” according to his tombstone. Ethyle/Ethyl was actually Charles’ second wife, Julia Ethel TYGART CALLAHAN MONTGOMERY. Shug and Ethel had no children together but each of them had children from their previous marriages. Shug had two children that I’m aware of with his first wife Mary Jane “Mollie” YOCUM. The children were Ruth and Charles. Ethel had 4 children that I’m aware of with her first husband Benjamin Franklin CALLAHAN. The children were Clifford, Ben, Bob, and Marcella. Mollie YOCUM MONTGOMERY passed away in 1943 from a cerebral hemorrhage. Benjamin CALLAHAN passed away in 1918 in Kentucky. So Shug and Ethel were widower and widow when they met and married. Shug and Ethel married in 1945.

Mollie YOCUM MONTGOMERY’s death certificate.

Shug’s death certificate indicates he was a retired well-driller and minister.

Reverend Charles Nathan “Shug” MONTGOMERY’s death certificate.

I’ve asked around for memories of Shug MONTGOMERY and this is what I’ve learned. Shug had a medical condition – possibly Thrombosis – and he had to wear what sounds like compression socks. Shug drove an Edsel and when he drove he would accelerate up to about 50 or 55 miles per hour but then his leg would give out and he would decelerate so riding with Shug was an ongoing series of accelerations and decelerations but he was one of the few people in the area that owned an Edsel.

Shug Montgomery at Poynor Church

I was able to find a newspaper article about Shug’s work at Poynor. The following article is from the 21 Oct 1954 edition of the Neosho (Missouri) Daily News.

21 Oct 1956, Neosho (Missouri) Daily News article about Shug MONTGOMERY and Poynor Church.

Shug pastored at Poynor for several years I’m told and during that time he and my great grandpa Mark DRAKE had a disagreement over church issues. Rather than argue, Mark left the church and attended Oak Chapel Church for a few years. Shug’s overarching goal for Poynor church was to build a new church out by the highway for better visibility and ease of access. He was unable to accomplish this prior to leaving the church.

When Shug and Ethel left, they moved to Seneca, Missouri and Shug passed away 4 August 1964. Ethel lived to 80 years of age and passed away 19 April 1967 from Acute Myocardial Infarction.

Both Shug and Ethel are buried at Seneca Cemetery in Seneca, Newton County, Missouri.

Shug MONTGOMERY’s obituary.

Shug, in Retrospect

Shug seemed to be a good man determined to do big things for the Church. He only spent a few years at Poynor before moving on but he is a part of the church history and I’m glad I could bring you a little piece of his story. Perhaps I’ll find more documents pertaining to him as I go through the box of church records and I’ll be able to add to his story. For now, I’ll leave you with this brief introduction to one of the early pastors of Poynor church and a short note to say that I believe it’s possible the MONTGOMERY family has some connection to my dad’s BAKER family although I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Hopefully that will be resolved in the future.

Peace and Love,

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Long, Hot Summer

It’s been a long summer trying to get my business off the ground. I’ve missed writing these blog posts. Aside from starting a business, there have been so many other changes in the last few months. From mid-August to present we’ve laid to rest two cousins – Robert EVANS and David WETZEL – and an uncle, Alvin BENNETT, Jr.. They will all be missed.

Alvin Bennett Jr., Vietnam veteran.

Family Is Everything

When I was a child, I saw almost all of my cousins almost every weekend of my childhood. These days, it seems we only see each other at funerals and weddings. Today was one of those days. Before leaving the graveside services for my uncle Junior, my cousin Chris told me he had a box for me. He gifted me a box of records from the church we grew up in. It’s been quite a trip down memory lane looking through old business meeting notes, membership rolls, etc. Over the coming weeks I hope to share some of those records with you. For tonight, I want to share the baptismal records for my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and even a great-great grandparent.

Poynor Baptist Church

The Poynor Baptist Church Membership Roll book as it looks today.

This Poynor Baptist Membership Roll book was in the box Chris gave me. This book is as good as gold to me. It’s like a mini-family history for me. In this book, I found my own record of salvation and baptism (the dates aren’t there but I can tell you it was Autumn of 1976 for salvation and Summer of 1978 for baptism):

My salvation/baptism entry in the Poynor Baptisit Church Membership Roll book.

I also found both of my parents in the book:

My dad’s entry – he was baptized on June 13, 1954.
My mom’s entry – she was baptized on 16 February 1964.

I also found many of my ancestors in the book:

My paternal grandparents, great-grandparents, and even my great-great-grandfather!
Plus one more great-grandmother.

I love the story my dad tells about my great-great-grandfather, Poppy Lonzo. He remembers Poppy standing at the back of the Poynor Baptist Church with tears streaming down his face professing his belief in Christ and his regret that he waited so long to accept Christ as his savior. What a beautiful story! It brings tears to my eyes.

Losses, But Also Gains

In this summer of losses for my family, it was refreshing to see the eternal gains we’ve made. Refreshing to know that I will see my people again one day in a better place. Comforting to know that my people are already in that better place waiting for my arrival.

As we move into fall and winter, I’m wishing you more days of rejoicing than grief and I’m wishing you comfort in your days of loss.


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