Stories for the Boys: Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

For readers who are not my grandsons: the ‘Stories for the Boys’ series is a series of stories specifically written for my grandsons so they have a little of mine and their papa’s personal history along with all the ancestral history. These stories will always be marked ‘Stories for the Boys’. I don’t care who reads them, it’s just easier if you understand why and to whom they’re written.

If you’re familiar with the lyrics in the title of this blog post (and you boys probably aren’t), you’re probably humming the song right now. It’s one of my favorites- Closing Time by Semisonic. If you aren’t familiar with it, here it is but don’t blame me if you’re humming it for the next week:

The theme this week per Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is ‘beginnings’. ( Just like we began 2020 with hope, now our 2020 “beginning” comes to an end and we welcome the new beginning of 2021. I had hoped it would be a peaceful and good year but with all the election uproar it doesn’t appear that we’ll find much peace this year. Despite that, there are positive points to this first week of 2021. Do you remember the friend I spoke about in my ‘Madeline’ posts several years ago? My best friend from my childhood? If not you can see the 2 short posts here and here. Well, she moved back to the area and we’ve had such fun getting together and getting to know each other again as adults. Ashton and Theodore- you probably won’t remember it but you met her today at my house. Ashton even took a picture of us but I won’t post that here today. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll return to this post and put the picture up. Instead, I’ll post another one Ashton took from today.

Grandma Lisa

Boys, I hope when you’re older you have some good friends. Ashton, keep your friend Hayden. Be a good friend to him. August, don’t forget your friend Mason. Always be a good friend to him. Theodore, keep your new friends from your new school but don’t forget Marley from your old school. Foster, always remember your friend Wingrum and enjoy playing with him. Be a good friend to him. I hope you all treasure your friendships. I hope all of you boys’ friends are good friends to you also. Those friendships are very important. Be sure you keep up your friendships as you grow up. Resolve the arguments and misunderstandings with your friends. They are worth it and their friendship is worth it. When you’re old like me, you’ll be glad you did.

So today on our 2021 new beginning, I wish you boys many very good friends whom you can trust and depend on – forever friends that you can still call and visit when you’re old like me. I love you boys so much and I hope you have a wonderful year of new discoveries, good friends, and good memories. Papa and I love you forever.


Grandma @ Days of Our Lives blog

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