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Have you ever thought that you’d like to have your own family stories told? If you like the stories I write and you’d like to contract me to write a story for you or a story to give as a gift to someone else, you’re in luck! I’m opening up my services to you. You can contact me to discuss details. Prices will vary based on your request. All stories that I’m hired to write will be password-protected here on my blog unless you decide you want them to be made public.

If you’d like to contract me to write a story about your family, you can leave a comment or send an email through WordPress or Facebook. If you’d like to see the variety of stories I can write, I recommend the following blog posts as examples: – A post I wrote about my son-in-law’s family. – The first in a series of posts telling the story of the murder of one of my distant family members.– An example of a story that was written when not a lot of information is available.– This story is a little different. It was written about 2 people I know that are related to each other but they don’t know it nor would they want to know it. To keep the peace, people’s identities were kept a secret while the story still got told.

If you have other family history writing projects in mind, feel free to discuss it with me to see if I’m the right writer for your project.

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