Martha Frances Scott Latty, a Catawba Woman

I’m currently working on one of my Native American lines. I was excited to find my maternal 4th great grandmother, Martha Frances SCOTT LATTY, mentioned in someone else’s blog. I’d love to provide the link so if you’re interested you can check it out, too. But first, I want to give you a little information. The line of ascent goes from grandma, Mrs. Jessie BATES, to her mother Laura BULLOCK to Laura’s mother, Druziller LATTY BULLOCK, to Druziller’s father, Jefferson LATTY to Jefferson’s mother, Martha Frances SCOTT LATTY.

I’ve never written about Martha, who went by Fannie, so I was excited to find someone else’s blog that included her. Hopefully when I’m finished with the current research project that involves her I can share that with you here on my blog. Until then, please make time to visit Indian Ancestry 101’s blog by clicking the blue link in this sentence. While you’re making time to include other blogs, don’t forget I have a Resources page that includes other blog links with our family information that will be helpful to you. You can find the Resources page at

Enjoy! I hope you’ve had a fabulous and restful weekend!

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives blog

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