Rebecca Dukes Workman Page Fonburg

Rebecca DUKES PAGE is Bart’s paternal 2nd great-grandmother.  I was certain I’d written about her before but all I can find on the blog is a post about her son, George PAGE, with a small amount of information about her.  You can find that post here:

George Benjamin Page, the Pioneer L & Z Miner

Rebecca has been difficult to research and I’m still not sure I have her line researched correctly.  Many researchers believe her parents to be James DUKE and Nancy SPARKS WATSON.  I disagree.  Based on my research, I believe her parents to be Henry DUKES and Martha TATUM.  Rebecca was born about 1847 in Missouri.  She first married F. WORKMAN in 1861 in Henry County, Missouri.  They were only married a short time before Mr. WORKMAN passed away.  Rebecca next married Bart’s paternal 2nd great-grandfather, William Benjamin PAGE.  William died fairly young and Rebecca remarried to John FONBERG.  I believe somewhere along the way she also married a man by the last name of BURK.  Rebecca seemed to have a somewhat transient and fairly unstable life.  She bounced back and forth between the states of Missouri and Kansas.

Her final years were spent living in the Wright County (Missouri) Farm and Alms House.  Some called it the “poor farm”. She is buried at the Alms House cemetery.  Bart and I have found the general location and it is currently privately owned.  The alms house foundation is still present.  The cemetery is not marked in any way nor are the graves.  The information posted below is information I saved off the internet.  It is no longer online so if you need this, just right click and save it to your device.

Wright County Farm and Alms House


Milo Greenwood Dewitt- Though Silent, He Still Speaks

I’ve written about former Postmaster (and my husband’s 2nd great-grandfather) Milo Dewitt several times before.  You can find previous posts here:

Though Silent, He Speaks (My first post about Milo and Rebecca)

Oklahoma Frontier Family- Milo and Rebecca Bell Dewitt

Postmaster Dewitt’s Daily Life

He’s the one with the fabulous Woodsman’s tombstone.  I finally- FINALLY- got to visit his grave recently and snap my own photo and pay my respects!  The stone is so tall!  It was taller than me by a couple of inches!  If you ever get to this cemetery (Petersburg Cemetery in Ringling, Oklahoma), go all the way to the back of the cemetery right next to the back fence (and it’s facing the fence- it’s hard to get a picture because you have to stand at a weird angle to get it).  Be sure to wear tennis shoes and if it’s summer you should definitely spray with bug repellant before you go out there.


I really thought I had found most of the online information about Milo but today I came across a short article that made me laugh.  It brought up so many questions for me about Milo- his habits, his personality, etc..  Here’s the article below.  I’ll let you come to your own conclusions and form your own questions.

Milo 1903 article

Screenshot from 10 May 1903 Daily Arkansas Gazette.

I’d love to know what kinds of questions and thoughts this article brought up for you.  Let me know in the comments!

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