Week 13 Blog Schedule

I’m going to take a week off from the blog this week as far as scheduled posts.  If I have time, I will try to write a post or two but nothing scheduled.  It’s going to be a busy week with a job evaluation, trying to gather up tax papers, and some other things going on.  Rather than try to push things this week I’m just going to back off for a week and give myself a break.  I hope you all have a good week.  Feel free to volunteer to write a guest blog post for me.  (Hint, hint!)

I’ll leave you with a few photos for the week.  The first photo is Bart and Ginger on the beach in Galveston, Texas a week ago today.  It was so overcast that day that a helicopter flew right over us very low to the ground and the only time we saw it was when it passed in front of the sun and even then we only saw the black shadow of it.  The other photos are inside The Black Pearl restaurant where they had marked the water line after Hurricane Ike went through.  The water line was about 8 feet up the wall.  I would imagine there was a ton of clean up after Hurricane Ike.  On the first restaurant photo I drew a red circle around the water line mark. We had a great day.  If you get down to Galveston, I highly recommend The Black Pearl Oyster Bar and Grille.  They make a fantastic Po’ Boy Shrimp Sandwich.

Bart and Ginger Galveston TX March 2018.jpg

Go out there and have a great week.  Your attitude makes all the difference and it’s the only thing you can control anyway.


Lisa @ Days of Our Lives blog

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