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You can see a blog post about Clara, William’s wife, here and a photo of his parents with young children (possibly including William) here.

william and clara wolf

William and Clara (TURK) WOLF.

William Charles WOLF was Bart’s maternal great grandfather.  I’ve written about William’s wife and about his dad but I’ve never introduced you to William.  That’s what I’ll be doing today.  Tuesday (20 March) was the anniversary of William’s death which happened in 1980 in Sandusky, Sanilac County, Michigan.

William was born 14 October 1885 in Delaware, Sanilac County, Michigan.  His parents were Charles Johann “Carl” WOLF and Therese Rosa BRUMM WOLF.  He was the first of six children born to his German/Prussian-immigrant parents.  William’s dad was a chimney mason and farmer.  His grandfather WOLF was a farmer and his grandfather BRUMM was a woolen mill laborer and farmer.  Since the 1890 census was destroyed, the 1900 census is the first record I’ve found showing William.  The family was living in West Precinct, Delaware Township, Sanilac County, Michigan.  Five of the children have been born.  William was 14 years old and he was attending school along with two of his younger sisters- Elsbeth and Johanna.

In June of 1909, a marriage license was issued in Huron County, Michigan for William WOLF and Clara TURK dated 10 June 1909.  There is a notation that it was “returned not used”.  I’m not sure what happened there, but on 21 December 1909, William married Clara TURK in Cuyahoga County, Ohio where Clara was a dressmaker.  William’s occupation at that time was Farmer.

Wolf Turk marriage

In 1910, their first census together, William and Clara were living in Bloomfield Township, Huron County, Michigan.  Living with them were two of William’s brothers- Albert and Wallace.

On 12 September 1918, William registered for the draft.  His physical description says he was of medium height, medium build, and had brown hair and brown eyes.  He lived in Rural Fire District (?) 3, Sandusky, Sanilac County, Michigan.

In 1920, the family was back in Sanilac County, Michigan living in Wheatland Township.  They had their four children living with them (Helen, Walter, Eveline, and Carl- Bart’s grandfather) as well as William’s uncle, Ernest.  William and Ernest were both farming.

In 1930, the family was still in Sanilac County but they were living in Delaware Township this time.  William and Clara’s children- Walter, Evelyn, Carl, and Harold- were living with them.

We know from the 1940 census that William was still living in Delaware Township, Sanilac County, Michigan in 1935 and in 1940.   Walter, Carl and Harold- their children- were living with them in 1940.  William’s uncle Ernest was living next door.

In 1942 William had to register for the draft.  He was living in Palms, Delaware Township, Sanilac County, Michigan.  His phone number was 30F4- apparently a Minden City exchange number.  He was 56 years old.  One of the things I love about the draft cards is that we get to see William’s signature.

William Charles Wolf signature

That was his signature at age 56 on his World War II draft registration card.  What’s even more fun is to compare that with his signature from his World War I draft registration card when he was 32 years old.  Here’s that signature:

ww1 draft signature william wolf

At the age of 94, William passed away in Sandusky, Sanilac County, Michigan.  His last place of residence according to the Social Security Administration was in Palms, Sanilac County, Michigan.  For the first time in decades, his hands were resting instead of farming.  Rest in peace, William.  I hope you’re swapping stories with your great great grandson, Derek.

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  1. Looks like Grandpa Wolf (Carl), looked like him Mom, Clara. We called him Old Grandpa. He was very nice, and attentive to great grandchildren.

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