Week 12 Blog Schedule

Well, I was one for three last week but at least I blogged.  This week will be busy but nothing like last week when I had Freshman pre-enrollment and book fair all in one week.  I’m so glad my mom came and helped me out with book fair!

Make a note that Alonzo Ervin DRAKE’s birthday is actually today (Sunday, 18 March) but I try not to do anything on Sunday other than the schedule so I’ll be blogging about Alonzo tomorrow.  Here’s this week’s schedule:

Monday – Alonzo Ervin DRAKE’s birthday was 18 March 1875.  Monday I’ll honor that birthday with a blog post.

Tuesday – William WOLF died on this date (20 March) in 1980.  I’ll celebrate his life with a blog post on Tuesday.

That’s it for the scheduled blog posts this week.  I am hoping to do some research this week so there may be an extra blog post or two if I find out anything exciting.  Additionally, I still need to catch up on John BATES’ blog posts and I need to finish the story about Quincy BELL.  This may be a good week to do those posts since things will only get busier at work until the school year ends.  Not to mention, this is the last big break I’ll get until then.

Until tomorrow,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives blog

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