Jehue Baker

Today’s blog post is about my paternal 3rd great grandfather, Jehue BAKER.  Jehue died on this date in (10 March) in 1924.  I have mentioned Jehue before in a blog post about his daughter but I haven’t specifically blogged about him so today I just want to introduce him to you.  The line of descent is through Jehue’s first child Mary Anne (who went by Annie), Annie’s son Mark DRAKE, and Mark’s son Eugene who was my grandpa.

Jehue Baker was born on 27 September 1850 in Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri.  According to his death certificate his parents were Bets BAKER and his mother’s last name was BAIR but her first name was unknown.  I have never been able to find either of his parents.  Some researchers have speculated that her name was Judy or Judith.  The children I know that belong to this couple are Mary Anne, Cora Belle, Jesse Washington, Myrtle, John Henry (who died as a toddler).  Jehue’s siblings were Martha (who married a POWERS) and Thomas.

I haven’t found any census records for Jehue prior to 1900.

Jehue and Annie

Jehue married Mary Jane LITTRELL in 1876 in Jasper County, Missouri.  I’m assuming she died around 1890 due to Jehue’s remarriage in 1891.  I have not found an 1880 census record for them.

Jehue and Lillie

STOP THE PRESSES!!  It’s 3:45 a.m. on Sunday March 11th.  Yeah- I’ve been up all night.  And yes- I’m still hoping to make it to church.  But I have to tell you- I think I’ve made a breakthrough on Jehue!!  I now believe I know who his parents are and if I’m correct, we’ve found a whole slew of new siblings.  Folks, it’s been a few decades since my Mam first told me about Jehue.  That’s a long time to search and never find anything.  This is one reason I love this blog so much!  But I digress….

I now believe Jehue’s parents are Jesse BAKER and Mary BAIR (possibly spelled BEAR).  Many researchers still maintain that Mary is Native American and while I would believe that, I can’t prove that yet.  Here’s what I know about his parents.

In 1850 they were living in District 47, Lawrence County, Missouri at census time.  This does NOT match the fact that on Jehue’s death certificate his birthplace is given as Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri.  I can’t explain that but bear with me.  In 1850 the family consisted of Jesse, his wife called Polley in 1850, and children: William, Ellen (first name is Sarah), Robert N., (later called Newton), Daniel, and James.  There was also a woman named Judith Newlis living in the home and I have not been able to place her yet.

In 1860 the family is living at Dunkles Store (later known as Lawrenceburg), Ozark Township, Lawrence County, Missouri.  At that time the family consisted of Jesse, his wife now called Mary, and their children: William, Sarah E., Newton, Daniel, James, John (later called Jahue), Thomas, and Judy (whom I believe to be Jahue’s sister, Martha Judith).

In 1870 the family is living in Lostine (later called Petersville and now no longer in existence), Cherokee County, Kansas.  The family consisted of Jesse, Mary, Sarah E., Newton, Daniel, James, Jahue, Thomas, and Martha.

I believe this is the correct family due to the ages and successive birth order of Jahue, Thomas, and Judy.  I’ve searched so many families over the years and this is the only family that fits.  I’m going to continue my research and hopefully have updates but I couldn’t wait to tell you.

I know I don’t have any photos in this blog post so I’m going to include one here of my Mam and Pa- Audrey and Eugene Drake.  Eugene is in my direct line back to Jehue BAKER.

Gene and Audrey

Jehue will have a birthday coming around later this year so I’ll finish telling you about him then but for now, I need to get to bed!!

Until tomorrow (um…I mean later today),

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