Maria Elisabeth Bruderick Schneidenbach

Maria Elisabeth BRUDERICK was Bart’s maternal 2nd great grandmother.  I’ve written about her mother and her daughter, but I’ve never written about her.  So today will be a quick introduction to Maria, who went by Elizabeth.  (Her name was originally Maria Elisabeth which reflects what would have been the traditional German spelling of her name.  Her name was later Americanized to Elizabeth Marie.)  Elizabeth was born 6 March 1866 in Germany.  Some records say she was born in Prussia however, in 1866 Germany (under Austrian leadership) and Prussia were at war each trying to gain control of what we now call Germany.  Germany had control in March of 1866.  (  An interesting fact about the Bruderick name- it was once spelled Broderich.  Sound familiar?  Maybe you’d be more likely to recognize it as ‘Broderick’?  I’m not sure if Bart’s and Joyce’s family is related to the actor, Matthew Broderick, but it certainly would be interesting to find out.  Bruderick is actually spelled a number of different ways which makes it more difficult to find records.  On her marriage record, it looks like it is spelled ‘Benderisk’.  On the 1880 and 1920 censuses it is spelled ‘Bruderick’.  (She was a Schneidenbach by 1920 census but there were a couple of Bruderick families living nearby.)  On the Social Security Applications and Claims Index her name is spelled ‘Bruderich’.  These are the only records I’ve been able to locate.  I’m sure someone has found other ways to spell it.

The first record found that shows Elizabeth is an immigration record:

I talked a little about her immigration when I wrote about her parents here. (Screenshot from

I can only find three census records for Elizabeth.  One is the 1880 Federal Census.  She was living with her parents, Charles and Dorothea, and her younger siblings- Peter A., Jacob F., and Henry- in Delaware Township, Sanilac County, Michigan.  On that census it shows that Elizabeth attended school that year.  She was 14 years old.  Everyone was listed as being born in Prussia except for Henry.  Charles and Dorothea both listed all their parents as having been born in Prussia.

On the 1920 census, Elizabeth (or whomever answered the enumerator’s questions) said she immigrated in 1880 and was naturalized in 1904.  As you can see from the immigration record, it was actually 1876.  (Memory can be a tricky thing!)  I love that it gives a naturalization date.  That will be really helpful when I begin to search for her naturalization records.  In 1920, Elizabeth was married to Ernest A. SCHNEIDENBACH. Ernest was farming his own farm.  They had 5 children living at home that year:

Arthur, 16 years old

Helen, 15 years old

Curtis, 13 years old

Elmer, 11 years old

Beatrice, 10 years old

On the 1930 census, Ernest is 69 years old and Elizabeth says she is 64.  They have one child left at home- Curtis, who is 23, single, and helping his dad on their farm.

Elizabeth died in 1939.  She is buried in Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery in Minden City, Sanilac County, Michigan.

(Screenshot from

I hope you’ve enjoyed your introduction to Elizabeth.  I’m looking forward to telling more of her stories in the future.

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