Week 10 Blog Schedule

Well- we did it!!! We made it through week 9 which historically really gets me down.  If I’m going to get bogged down and stop posting, it’s usually during week 8 or 9.  But I powered through and here we are. This week:

Monday – Monday is the birthday anniversary for both my paternal 4th great grandfather, Sanders LITTRELL (1815), and for my grandma Jessie BATES (1913).  I’ll be blogging about them on Monday.

Tuesday – Tuesday is the birthday anniversary for Bart’s maternal 2nd great grandmother, Maria Elizabeth BRUDERICK (1866). I’ll be blogging about her life on Tuesday.

Wednesday – I will try to get in a Messages for Madeline post on Wednesday.

Thursday – I will try to get back on track with the John Bates posts.

Saturday – Saturday is the death date anniversary (1924) for my paternal 3rd great grandfather, Jehue BAKER. 

While you’re waiting for tomorrow’s post, here’s another old photo of my cousins- Rick and Rob- that my mom sent me a week or so ago.

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