Week 9 Blog Schedule

This is the second post for today because I’m trying to get caught up!

This will be short and sweet.  The schedule for this week is:

Tuesday- (I hope) I will write a (very short) blog post about Hugh LARKIN and Sarah SARGENT’s (my paternal 6th great grandparents) marriage.  They were married in 1773.

Wednesday- If I have time, I will try to do a Messages for Madeline post today.

Thursday- I will blog about my maternal great grandfather, Albert Lewis BATES, in honor of his birth on 1 February 1881.  Somehow I marked his birthday in March instead of February on my yearly blog calendar!!  It really is a February birthday but I’m going to roll with my mistake and blog about it on 1 March.

Friday- I will blog about Bart’s paternal 2nd great grandparents, David CAWYER and Mary CASE, who were married in 1883.

I think I am going to take one more week to get my information together for another post about John BATES.  I have so much information that when I tried to write another post about him I just ended up confusing and frustrating myself with all the dates and details.  So I’m going to get myself together this week and hopefully post next week.

While you’re waiting for the next post, enjoy this photo my mom sent me recently. In the photo are my two oldest paternal first cousins, Rick and Rob. (I sure hope that’s just a binky in Rob’s mouth!!)  I never realized how much Rodney (the youngest of Rick’s siblings) looked like Rick when he was little.

Enjoy your week!

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives blog

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