Medical Monday, Part 2: Eliza Emoline Bell and Nephritis

This post is an extension of yesterday’s post about Eliza Emoline Bell Williams Sneary.  You can find that post at  

This morning I woke up still thinking about Eliza.  It occurred to me that I had written her post in such a hurry that I hadn’t even looked up the medical code that classifies her death to make sure there wasn’t something I was missing about her death.  So I looked it up this morning.  

Here’s a shot of Eliza’s death certificate again only this time I circled the death code number so you know what you’re looking at.

med code eebws

It’s actually on her death certificate twice so I circled the larger one and pointed an arrow at the smaller one.  Then, I went to Wolfbane Cybernetic’s website.  Click on the link and you will see that you get a list of different versions of the International Classification of Diseases (“ICD”).  I chose the 1928 version since that’s what would have been in effect when Eliza died in 1934.  This would be Revision 4 of the ICD.  I scrolled down to 132 and found there was no classification of ‘a’ or ‘b’.  Under the 132 code it stated, “Nephritis, not stated to be acute or chronic”.  There was also not an ‘a’ classification of code 132 in Revisions 3 or 5.  I had to go back to Revision 2 (1909 revision) to find a ‘132a’ classification but at that time ‘132a’ was used for “diseases of ovary” (excluding ovarian tumour)”.  

So, all of this to say that I still can’t tell you whether Eliza’s Nephritis was acute or chronic nor what type of Nephritis she had.  However, I have done a more exhaustive search for an exact cause of death.  We will likely never know anything more specific than “Nephritis”.  Also, I wanted to let you know that the ICD is out there on the internet for anyone to use so that when or if you ever need to look up a code on a death certificate you know how to find it and what to do with it once you have it.

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