Day Late and a Dollar Short

Seems like I’m running late an awful lot lately.  It’s been a month – MONTH – of people behaving like it’s a full moon!  Exhausting!

Today I’m posting a link to a previous blog about my great grandmother, Bessie WILLIAMS LARKIN.  Bess was born 17 February 1901.

I’ve included Bess in a number of different posts with little tidbits about her life.  You can follow these links to learn more about her.

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Something About Apples and How Far They Fall From the Tree (in which I mention my strongest memories of Bess)

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I don’t really remember when Bess died.  In that time, kids weren’t really told much about deaths and were not brought to funerals.  So my perspective at 10 years old was, she was just there at my Mam’s (Audrey’s) house one visit and not there the next.  I’m sure I was told she died at some point but it wasn’t something I remember discussing or asking questions about.

Enjoy reading.  If you have memories of Bess you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them.

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