Week 8 Blog Schedule

So sorry I missed Bess’s birthday Saturday and John’s installment last Tuesday!  The health issues continue and as we approach the end of the school year things will continue to be crazier and crazier at work but I will try to stay on top of things in spite of all this.

Welcome to week 8.  Yes, I know I’m a day late on the schedule.  Sorry!  This is another light week for the blog.  Actually, there aren’t any birthdays or anniversaries that I haven’t already written an anniversary-date blog post about so I think I’ll spend this week trying to catch up on what I missed blogging about last week and also get a head start on next week because this is about the time last year when I dropped off on the blog posts so from here on out I’m doing this year’s AND last year’s blog schedules.

Tuesday- I will post the link to a blog post about my paternal great grandmother, Bessie WILLIAMS LARKIN, since I missed her birthday post/link on Saturday.

Wednesday- I may or may not put up a Message for Madeline.

Thursday- The next installment on John BATES.  I’m going to TRY to have this post up today. 

Saturday- On this day I will blog about Eliza BELL WILLIAMS, my paternal second great grandmother.  This is the point at which I got derailed last year so I’m determined to get past her this year.  Every time I research her I feel like I’m on the verge of a huge breakthrough but I can never quite make it.  I may not have any exciting news about her but I am determined to write something!

Until tomorrow,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives


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