Week 7 Blog Schedule

This week will most likely be a light week on the blog.  Never fear, though.  In a couple of weeks things will be very busy around here.

Monday- We will celebrate the life of Milo DEWITT.  He died on this date in 1911.  Milo is Bart’s 2nd great grandfather.  If I find some new tidbit of information I may write a new blog post about him.  However, if things get too busy today may just be a link to the old blog post since I have previously written about Milo’s death.

Tuesday- The next installment in the John BATES’ story.

Thursday- I may decide to do an extra blog post today.  I’m not sure.  With recent health problems and issues at work, I may not have time.

Saturday- Today we will celebrate Bessie Larkin’s birthday.  She was born on this day in 1901.  Bessie is my paternal great grandmother.  I will try to write a new post about her but if I get too busy this week, this may be another day where I post a link to an old blog post since I’ve posted about Bessie several times already.


Until next time,

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