Week 6 Blog Schedule

I have a few new visitors so I’ll just recap what goes on here during the week.  On Sunday I post the schedule for the week so that you know what’s coming up.  That way, if you don’t want to read everything, you can just come back on the day(s) I’m posting something you want to read.  If anything comes up during the week that I couldn’t fit into the blog or I found it after the blog was posted, I will do a Weekend Wrap-Up post on Saturday.  So far this year that hasn’t happened though.  So here’s the schedule for the week:

Sunday- Blog schedule, of course.

Tuesday- Today I will post the second installment in the series about my Confederate POW Civil War ancestor, John BATES.

Wednesday- I’m starting a new series especially for my new readers called Messages for Madeline in which I post some thoughts and things that I would like to tell (or would like to have told) a friend of mine who has moved away.  It will not be focused on genealogy and will be a limited series although I can’t say at this time how long it will run.  It will post only on Wednesdays.

Friday- I will be blogging about the marriage of my paternal 4th great grandparents, William CHAMBERS and Rhoda ALLEN.  They were married in 1844.

I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Until next time,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives blog

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