New, Updated Military Timeline for John Bates

Following is the updated timeline of John Bates’ final years in the military.  This is the timeline I’m currently working with after finding better information online than what I was working with last week.

10 Nov 1861                     Initial enlistment

19 Jan 1862                      Battle of Mill Springs (KY)

11-16 Feb 1862                Battle of Fort Donelson (TN)

March 1862                      Confederate President Jefferson Davis discusses drafting men 18- 35 years old

10 May 1862                     John re-enlists

16 May 1862                     John reported for duty/joined service/Mustered in

September 1862              Confederate Congress passes legislation requiring men 18-35 to enlist for a period of 3 years

8 Oct 1862                         Battle of Perryville (KY)

16 Oct 1862                       Battle (?)- Lexington, KY

31 Dec 1862- 2 Jan 1863  Battle at Murfreesborough, TN (Battle of Stones River?)

2 Jan 1863                          Battle (?)- Tullahoma, TN

Between 2 Jan-10 Sep 1863    Captured at Tullahoma, TN- Prisoner of War

Between 2 Jan-10 Sep 1863    POW- Rock Island Military Prison, Rock Island, IL (information obtained from the Murray County Museum, Murray County, GA.  They got it from info in a book at the courthouse there.  This info differs from military records.)

31 Aug 1862-18 Jan 1863     Last paid by Captain Gibbons to 31 Aug 1862 PRESENT

31 Dec 1862-30 Apr 1863     Undated/non-information military document (perhaps they didn’t know where he was?)

6 May 1863                            Unit was reorganized into Company A, 37th GA Volunteer Infantry Regt. while John was imprisoned

19-20 Sep 1863                     Battle of Chickamauga (GA)

15-25 Oct 1863                     Battle of Philadelphia (TN)

20 Oct 1863                         Captured in Monroe County, Tennessee, during Battle of Philadelphia

14 Nov 1863                       Appears on a descriptive roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Chase, Ohio from Camp Nelson, KY received by Colonel S. G. Griffin.

31 Dec 1863                       Muster Roll: 30 Apr-31 Dec 1863 dated 31 Dec 1863; last paid 30 Apr 1863 ABSENT FROM DUTY

Jan & Feb 1864                  Undated; last paid by Captain J. L. Gibbons to 30 Apr 1863 ABSENT

22-27 Feb 1864                   Battle of Dalton (GA) occurred while John was a POW.

29 Feb 1864                        Transferred from Camp Chase, OH to Fort Delaware, DE

4 Mar 1864                          Received at Fort Delaware, DE from Camp Chase, Ohio

7 May 1864                          Skirmish (?)- Tunnel Hill (GA) occurred while John was a POW.

14-15 May 1864                  Battle of Resaca (GA) occurred while John was a POW.

4 July 1864    Pay            May & June 1864; Last paid by Captain Gibbons to 30 April 1863 ABSENT

14 Oct 1864                        Admitted (notes don’t say where- maybe Point Lookout, MD?)

30 Oct 1864                        Discharged/”paroled” at Fort Delaware in prisoner exchange

31 Oct 1864                       Other record says date of arrival at Fort Delaware is 31 Oct ; Exchanged on this date.

14 Nov 1864                     John must have died en-route to Venus Point as his tombstone says this date.

15 Nov 1864                   Received at Venus Point, Savannah River, Savannah, GA from Point Lookout, MD.  Delivered by Lt Col. John E. Mulford & Assistant Agent for Exchange- 3,023 paroled Confederate Prisoners of War including 4 citizens and 4 surgeons & 74 officers.  W. H. Hatch asst agent of exchange. Note: Venus Point is attributed to both Jasper County, South Carolina and to Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.

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