Silver and Gold

In all the craziness of the last few weeks I haven’t posted a farewell blog post here. I need to let all of you know that this will be the final blog post on Livejournal. I love Livejournal but I’ve been wanting to include audio and video with my blog posts so I have moved the blog over to WordPress. One of the advantages of WordPress (other than audio and video capability) is that the URL now includes the name of my blog. You can find the new blog at Days of Our Lives Genealogy at WordPress.

After 10 years with Livejournal I feel a little sad about leaving. It’s been a good run here and Livejournal was a great host to begin blogging with. But we all grow and growth brings change and change…well, it isn’t always a bad thing. There will be a few growing pains along the way but there will also be some great new adventures that we couldn’t have had with Livejournal. So I’m looking forward to the future of the blog and I hope you’ll join me over at WordPress for the NEW posts. All of the old posts will remain here at Livejournal and will always be available and searchable.

I’ll close with an old poem that I learned in Girl Scouts with my childhood best friend. This is also a poem that I memorialized in a quilt block that went into a quilt for her on her 30th birthday.

Silver and gold,
Silver and gold,
Make new friends,
But keep the old.

See you at the new site,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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