I Bombed London During the War

So a few days ago during the transition from Livejournal to WordPress, I unintentionally posted a test blog post on this new site.  I “promised” a blog post about my father-in-law set for Monday.  Well, since it went live and people saw it before I could take it back down, I’m keeping my promise.  This post includes an excerpt from a conversation with my father-in-law about his experiences during the Korean Conflict.

The voice of someone is so important.  You don’t realize that until someone is gone and you can’t talk to them anymore.  Luckily, Bart’s dad is still with us and on November 25th last year we were sitting around Bart’s parents’ table and his dad started talking about his military experiences during the Korean Conflict.  I had the foresight to reach down and turn my phone on to record him.  He was telling his stories and then these words came out of his mouth:  “I bombed uh…I bombed London one time.”

My heart stopped.  I had no idea he had actually been involved in that level of conflict.  This wasn’t a story I’d heard before.  And then this little gem of a story came out.  I told him that night that I WOULD be blogging this little gem.  So here it is.  I’m glad to be sharing it with you.  It’s just over one minute long.  Below is a transcription in case you’re like me and sometimes don’t have enough bandwidth to run audio or video.  Just for reference, the people sitting around the table were Bart’s parents, Bart and I, and Bart’s uncle Gerry.

“I bombed uh..I bombed London one time.  That plane had a little deal you could open up and it sucked air and we had some flight lunches I’d got at London for- we had a General in there and uh, he was…We flew about an hour and he said, “Oh my goodness! I left my camera at the uh, at the airport there.” So we had to fly back and we got flight lunches while we was there and took off again.  And he apologized to me for being late and I said, “I don’t care. That’s alright! Me and you…” So as we left London again I opened that little thing up and them flight lunches had ketchup and…and…ketchup and uh, mustard in them little things about that big around.  Put ‘em up that hole and [makes sucking noise]…[laughing]…

So you bombed London with ketchup and mustard?!

Yeah! [laughing]”

I so wish I had thought of this when my cousin Rus was visiting and my dad was telling him about his Vietnam experiences.  Next time I’ll remember…


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