Sunday Schedule, Week 8 of 2017

Welcome to Week 8 of 2017!

There are only two scheduled posts this week.  (Next week will be really busy on the blog, though!) This week I’ll be blogging about:

Wednesday February 22nd: Levi HUBBARD, my paternal 4th great grandfather. We’ll be celebrating his death date anniversary.
Friday February 25th: Eliza BELL, my paternal 2nd great grandmother. Eliza’s death date anniversary is the 25th.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the lives of these two people this coming week. In the meantime, enjoy the Sunday snapshot of the week:

These Woodmen of the World gravestones are in Felicity Cemetery in Felicity, Clermont County, Ohio. I photographed them in October of 2015 on a short trip to Ohio to visit Bart (and do a little family history research).  The Longworth’s are not related to us that I know of  –  Bart and I just like the Woodmen gravestones so I frequently photograph them when I see them.  I promised to show some of the Woodmen stones to you when I did Milo’s blog post last week and today I found one of my photographs to show you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. See you on Wednesday to talk about Levi (or sooner if I get time to do an extra blog post).

Until next time,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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