Weekend Wrap-Up for Week 7, 2017

Welcome to the weekend! Here are a few updates to previous stories I’ve written.

George PAGE

In researching George’s life, I think I’ve stumbled upon a grandson of George and Ina’s that has been lost to time. I believe the “Mr. and Mrs. Alex Page” in these news articles is the same couple as Alec and Irene BUZZARD PAGE. The dates all work as does the location. The first article is referencing births in the area. The date is off because the article is referencing births that happened in December of 1936. It must have been heartbreaking for the parents to see their son’s birth announcement come out in the paper almost a month after his obituary was published. The second article is this baby’s obituary. This baby would have been born between two of Alec’s boys- Fred and David. I’d love to have input from the PAGE family in regard to my theory about this baby. While we’re talking about PAGE babies- there is a PAGE baby buried at Zena Cemetery in Zena, Delaware County, Oklahoma. Can anyone tell me the identity of this baby?

Birth announcement for George PAGE.

Obituary for George PAGE.  Both articles come from Newspapers.com.


I located some additional information about the woolen mills in Minden, Michigan. There was only one sentence but it indicated a person other than Mr. Leavenworth built a woolen mill in Minden so I thought I would pass on the information. This information comes from the Forestville Bicentennial History found at US Gen Net.

Woolen mill built by Charles Ross.

I did find a couple of bonus goodies while researching Karl’s life.  I’m including this screenshot because I think I remember someone in my husband’s WOLF line marrying a member of the VARTY family. The document also includes a Charles BRUDERICK and I believe this is the Charles BRUDERICK who is my husband’s maternal 3rd great grandfather. I’ll be blogging about him later in the year so I’m hoping this lead pans out and I’ll be able to blog about it later. This screenshot was captured from the Patron Directory page that I linked to in Karl BRUMM’s post earlier this week. The link can also be found at the bottom of the screenshot.

I hope each of you has a great weekend. Come back tomorrow for a peek at next week’s blog schedule and a freebie photo of the week!

Until tomorrow,

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