Sunday Schedule, Week 7 of 2017

We are in week 7 of 2017!! It seems like time goes faster every year! I’m doing three “guaranteed” posts this week. Here’s the schedule:

Monday February 13th: Milo DEWITT’s death date anniversary is on this date. Milo is Bart’s paternal 2nd great grandfather.

Thursday February 16th: George PAGE’s death date anniversary is on this date. George is Bart’s paternal great grandfather.

Friday February 17th: Karl BRUMM’s birth date occurs on this date. Karl is Bart’s maternal 3rd great grandfather.

So, if you’re Bart’s family- it’s going to be a great week for you! Also, if you’re Bart’s family and you have any stories about these people please send the stories, photos, etc. ASAP! The more you contribute the better the post is for everyone.

For my family, I will try to throw in an extra post this week so you all have something to read that “belongs” to you. Also for my family, a look-ahead for the week after- I’ll be posting about Levi HUBBARD and Eliza BELL WILLIAMS. If you have any stories, photos, etc.- please start gathering those now to send to me.

This weekend has been so unusually warm and nice. It made me think of Florida. So here’s your photo of the week:

The last time DeReK was on vacation with Bart, Shaina, and I. Top left- Bart and I on a day to the beach near Pensacola. Bottom left- Shaina and I before a Friday night swing dance. Right- Derek and Shaina before a Friday night swing dance

Enjoy your weekend!

Until tomorrow,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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