Lucille Dewitt Williams Cullom

Lucille DEWITT was born on 9 February 1882 in Alma, Crawford County, Arkansas to Milo Greenwood and Rebecca Jane BELL DEWITT.

She is my husband’s paternal great grandmother and today I’m celebrating her birthday with this blog post.

A young Lucille DEWITT. Thank you to my husband’s Uncle Gerry for the photograph! He sent others which I will use in future blog posts about Lucille.

My father-in-law, Bart Sr., remembers her. When Bart Sr. was about 7 years old his grandma (then going by Lucille CULLOM) lived near Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma. Lucille raised guinea hens. When Bart Sr. would go see her she’d have him go find the guinea’s nests and bring her the eggs and she would cook the eggs for him. He doesn’t remember her doing this for any of the other grandkids. He wasn’t sure if this was a ploy to get him out of her hair or not. He said you had to watch the guineas a very long time before they led you to their nests. Bart’s younger brother, Gerald, was only 3 years old when Lucille died but he remembers the guineas. He said he remembers Lucille getting after him for chasing her baby guineas. I chuckled when he told me this story because in my mind I could see 3-year-old Uncle Gerry out there chasing the baby guineas!

When Lucille was 19, she married Barton WILLIAMS. He was also just 19. Both were living in Tucker, Indian Territory, USA. You’d know this area today as Tucker, LeFlore County, Oklahoma. They were married on 9 September 1902 by Jesse UHLER -a minister of the gospel. It is said that Lucille’s family shunned her when she married Barton because her family had money and his did not. My memory is the money came from oil. However, in 1900 Lucille’s dad was Postmaster down in Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory. In 1910, her dad was a farmer. Who’s to say whether that story is true or not. It would take some on-location research most likely. In any case, Lucille and Barton were only married about 5 years- maybe a little less than 5. About 1909 Barton passed away. Lucille was left to raise 3 (some say 4) children on her own. Her father must have had some level of compassion for her or else they made amends because in 1910, she and her children were living with her parents in Brown, Jefferson County, Oklahoma.

Lucille was washing laundry to make money. It was one of the few respectable jobs a widow raising young children could have. She was washing laundry for Dick CULLOM, among others. Sometime between 1900 and 1910 Dick’s wife had also passed away leaving him with about 6 kids to raise on his own. Dick and Lucille married in 1914. Together, they had at least 2 additional children.

Today, Lucille is buried in an unmarked grave in Sperry, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. I would like to change that this year. I’d like to get Lucille a gravestone and place it at the cemetery. If you are family and you’re reading this, let me know if you’d like to participate- whether financially or even just placing the marker. I’ve located her grave. What I still need to do is talk to the cemetery sexton to see if there are any rules about placing markers and then I need to go get an appropriate marker ordered. I’ve priced markers before and we can get a nice one for a decent price. I don’t want her burial place to remain unmarked any longer. Lucille died on 10 December 1944. I’d like to have her marker placed no later than 10 December of this year. I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor. I’m going to end Lucille’s story here. We’ll revisit her life story again in December on the anniversary of her death.

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