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My computer and internet connection have been giving me a lot of problems, as you know. As I was writing the blog post on William DRAKE this weekend (which you will find below), my computer AND internet both decided to act up again. I think we’ve resolved at least the computer problems today, though. So hopefully if I’m lucky, I can work around the internet connection issues in the future.

In any case, here is your all-in-one weekend edition of Days of Our Lives blog.

William Drake

I’ve struggled for a week trying to come up with a story to tell you about William DRAKE, my paternal 3rd great grandfather. I’ve written about a lot of the people connected to William but I haven’t written much about William himself. I still don’t have a great story to tell you (even though I’ve searched all week) but I’ll tell you what I can. If you’d like to catch up on the people connected to William, just go to the ‘Tags’ link and search for his relatives by name.

William was born in February of 1850 in Indiana to Ervin Alonzo (Poppy Lon’s grandpa) and Lavina PILGRIM DRAKE. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 William moved to Missouri with his parents. In 1870 the family was living at Kingsville, Johnson County, Missouri- near Kansas City. By 1874 the family had already moved to McDonald County, Missouri. At some point, William met Hester Ann Eglentine MITCHELL. He married her on 7 June 1874 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.

Marriage certificate for my William DRAKE and Hester Ann Eglentine MITCHELL.

The following year they had their first son, Alonzo Ervin, who is my 2nd great greandfather. Together they had 7 children. They also adopted a daughter, Perlie A. CALVIN.

The first census that William and Hester appeared on together as a couple was in 1876. I just found it this week. Their name showed up as DEAKE, however it is William and Hester along with their son, Ervin. At that time, they lived in Township 23 which included the towns (some now defunct) of Bethpage, Erie (now Goodman), Longview, May, Blankenship (also known as Plummer, Blair, and McNatt’s Mill), and Rocky Comfort.

1876 Missouri State Census. William and Hester are in the red circle.

The only other census I’ve been able to find them on as a couple is the 1900 census where they lived in McMillin Township, McDonald County, Missouri. You would know this area better as Tiff City. A MITCHELL family (possibly Hester’s relatives but I’m not sure) settled in this area in 1852. This MITCHELL family came from Tennessee, as did Hester’s. The first structure built was a distillery. It was a log structure that stood 3 ½ stories high! You can read more about the area in the Illustrated History of McDonald County, Missouri: from the earliest settlement to the present time.

William’s occupation is listed as ‘farmer’ on all the records I can find for him. If you’ll remember, I wrote previously about the fact that some researchers believe William was a constable but I have not found any proof of that. There is a William Drake near Kansas City who was a constable at approximately the time my William DRAKE lived there but these two William’s are not the same person.

This William Drake is NOT my William Drake.

I have no photograph of William and don’t know if one even exists. He passed away in 1909. I have not found any record of his death and very few records about him when he was alive.

Weekend Wrap-Up and Sunday Schedule

There isn’t any weekend wrap-up to do. I’ve been very busy so I haven’t gotten to do as much research and no one has messaged me with any additional information about the people I wrote about this week.

The coming week’s schedule will (hopefully) look like this:

Monday February 6th:
Sarah DAVIS REITER, my maternal 2nd great grandmother. Sarah passed away in February of 1870.

Thursday February 9th:
Lucille DEWITT WILLIAMS CULLOM, my husband’s paternal great grandmother. She was born on this date in 1882.

Friday February 10th: Mary McATEE WEDDING, my paternal 5th great grandmother who was born on this date in 1788.

I’m looking forward to the week when I can get back on schedule. This week is my last week of training for the new job so hopefully we’ll be back on schedule if not this week, then next. Thanks for sticking with me through all these computer and internet access issues and training for the new job. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are rested up for next week!

Psalm 118:24 – This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Until next time,
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