Stories for the Boys: His Mom’s Irises

The reason I started this blog (other than I love to write about my family history) is so that my daughter and grandchildren will have the family history and family stories available to them at whatever point in life they become curious to know this information. Bart and I won’t always be here to tell them these stories and give them this information. I hear once you put something on the internet it’s out there forever so I decided to put these stories (and photos) out here. One day they will want these stories.

Every once in a while I think about the questions I wanted to ask my grandparents and lots of those questions were about them personally and not just about the ancestors before them. Things like where they lived, how they met and fell in love, who were their friends, etc. So occasionally on the blog I’m going to start telling short stories about Bart and I called “Stories for the Boys” so that those stories are available for them also. Today’s “Stories for the Boys” photo-story is just a little paragraph about mine and Bart’s dating years.

The iris in the photo above is a transplant. It came from my husband’s mom’s irises and now grows in our yard. When I see the irises they remind me of when Bart and I were dating in high school. He would ride the bus in to school each morning from his house in the country. I would already be at school waiting for him because I lived in town. He would often get off the bus with a plastic cup full of his mom’s irises just for me. I loved these cups full of irises. #Nostalgia #TrueLove #HighSchoolSweethearts

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