Sunday Schedule: Week 5, 2017

January is coming to a close.

It’s hard to believe. Seems like time goes by faster every year!

This week we’re celebrating 2 birthdays and death date on the blog and at home we’re celebrating a grandson’s birthday. Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Monday January 30th: On Monday we honor the life of Joseph LARKIN, my paternal 3rd great grandfather. He died on this date in 1919.

Friday February 3rd: Today we celebrate the birth date of William DRAKE, yet another of my paternal 3rd great grandfathers. William was born in February but I am not certain of the exact date. For purposes of the blog, we’ll celebrate his birthday today.

I start a new job this week so if I can, I will fill in the other days of the week with a story and/or photograph as I’m able. It’s just hard for me to say how the week will go until after tomorrow. If you have a story you’re dying to tell, go ahead and write it down for me and I will publish it with credits to you- or send a photo with a caption and I’ll publish it with credits to you. I always enjoy having guests on the blog. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar- this isn’t a newspaper. It’s just a story telling medium that serves to save our family histories for future generations.

Until then, here’s a photograph for the day:

Bates cousins. Top row left to right: Lisa (me), Clayton, and Terry. Bottom row left to right: Doyle, Tracy, and my brother Cortney.

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