Emily Hennig: A Mystery

There is no scheduled blog post today but I do have a mystery for you to solve.

Mam (my paternal grandmother, Audrey) gave me a copy of this photo a couple of years before she passed away. The inscription on the back said “Emily Hennig” and was written in cursive and in pencil. It is HENNIG and not Henning. We had a discussion about that name.

Mam said she thought Emily was a grandmother somewhere back down the line but she couldn’t place the woman in our family history and that’s all Mam knew about her. More than a decade later I still have not been able to identify or place (or exclude) this woman in our family history (although I do have theories about who she is and where she goes on the family tree). If you have the answer, please speak up. I’d love to know about her.

Enjoy your Friday and don’t forget to come back here this weekend for the wrap-up on Saturday (it’s going to be a good one) and next week’s schedule which will be posted on Sunday.

Until tomorrow,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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