Sunday Schedule Week 4

We’re heading into a few weeks that won’t be quite so busy on the blog. This is a good thing since I’m getting ready to start a new job. I’ll be working part time for the US Postal Service. I’m excited about the change and ready to start.

Schedule for Week 4 of the year of our Lord 2017:

Monday January 23nd: There are two birthdays to celebrate today. Today is the birth day for Ina Jane CAWYER PAGE. Ina is Bart’s paternal great grandmother. Today is also the birth day for Audrey Marguerite LARKIN DRAKE MITCHELL. Audrey is my paternal grandmother. I’m sticking with the “one person a day” rule so I’ll post about Ina today and Audrey tomorrow.

Tuesday January 24th: Today I’ll post about Audrey LARKIN DRAKE MITCHELL whose birthday was yesterday.

Thursday January 26th: Today is the birth day for August SCHNEIDENBACH. August is Bart’s maternal 3rd great grandfather.

I’m going to try to make some Marguerite cookies this week in honor of my grandmother’s birthday. If you’d like to join me in this you can find a recipe at Cookie Monster Mama’s blog here. I’m looking forward to sharing more about these people with you. I hope you’ll join me. Until then, enjoy another photograph:

My paternal grandmother, Mam (Audrey LARKIN DRAKE MITCHELL), and I sometime in the 1980’s- probably at the Huckleberry Festival in Jay, Delaware County, Oklahoma. I was helping her man her booth to sell her homemade items. I’d date this photo in the vicinity of 1983-first half of 1985 based on the length of my hair.

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