UPDATED: Celebration of the Life of DeReK Williams

Today would have been my son DeReK’s 28th birthday.

Please celebrate with me by sending me digital copies of your fave photos of DeReK. At the end of the day I will come back here and update this post with some of the best photos. Thank you for celebrating with me!

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

Derek’s Birthday and Weekend Wrap Up Week 3

There are no updates for week 3. I didn’t find any new information or receive any new updates once posts were made this week. (Other than photos I intend to use in future posts.)

Today would have been my son DeReK’s 28th birthday. Thank you for celebrating with me. I appreciated all the photos that were shared on Facebook. I want to tell a couple of stories about DeReK that really show who he was as a person and then I’ll share a few of his photos.

Two stories come to mind quickly when I think of who DeReK was. The first happened when he was in high school and the second while he was in college.

~~~~~~~~DEREK IN HIGH SCHOOL~~~~~~~~

In high school DeReK had long hair.

We lived in a small, conservative town when DeReK was in high school. The police were suspicious of him, thinking he was obviously rebellious and up to no good with all that long hair. At that time I believe DeReK was driving an old station wagon- maybe one that Bart’s parents had given him. He got stopped several times in a short period of time for “acting suspiciously”. The final time they stopped him the officer wanted to search DeReK’s vehicle. We had always taught DeReK to be polite and respectful to officers no matter what and if there was a battle to be fought it would be fought AFTER the stop; but during a stop he was to follow directions and be respectful. So DeReK- who was typically obedient and respectful- told the officer he could search the car. The officer opened the back hatch of the car and found a box. He asked DeReK what was in the box. DeReK told him a Bible. The officer- not believing DeReK was being truthful- asked if he could open the box and DeReK said yes. The officer opened the box and inside was…a Bible. The officer was a little irritated and kept riffling through belongings in DeReK’s car. He picked up something else and asked what it was. DeReK said, “My other Bible.” The officer opened it and it was…another Bible. The officer was more exasperated and searched until he found something else and asked DeReK, “What’s THIS??” To which DeReK replied, “My OTHER Bible.” The officer opened it to find…yet another Bible. The officer, not being able to find anything other than Bibles in the car finally let DeReK go and, if I recall correctly, DeReK didn’t have any further problems with police in town again.

~~~~~~~~~DEREK IN COLLEGE~~~~~~~~~

In college DeReK grew spiritually by leaps and bounds. He loved college and often said he wanted to get his Ph.D. and become a college professor teaching classes on religion/religious topics.

One night he was coming home from Dallas. He stopped to get gas before leaving Dallas and at the gas station a man asked him for money. The man said he and his family (wife and kids) were staying in a motel because they didn’t have anywhere else to stay. The man had a little money but not enough to pay the rent for that night. He asked DeReK for some money. DeReK was a poor college kid. He only had a few bucks to his name. He didn’t want to make a 6-hour drive with no cash but he was not one to turn down someone in need either. So he took all but $1 of his money, gave it to the man and told the man he wanted to pray with him. The man was still short $12 for the motel rent. DeReK prayed for the man and one of the things he asked God for was to provide the other $12 for the man. As DeReK was walking away the man was asking someone else for money. Before DeReK could get in his car the man was running after DeReK screaming, “YOU DID IT!! IT WORKED!! YOU PRAYED FOR ME AND IT WORKED!! HE GAVE ME $12!!” The next guy after DeReK had given the man exactly $12.

~~~Finally, A Word from the Birthday Boy~~~

There are so many stories I could tell of how God worked in DeReK’s life but it would take too long. I’ll be sharing photos below so be sure to keep scrolling.

Thank you so much for sharing this day with me and for taking the time to remember my son and his life. You don’t know how much it means to me that you took time to share with me today. I pray that God blesses your life.

All my love,

Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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