Week 3 Schedule and The Lord’s Day

I feel like I’ve been writing all weekend but it’s worth it or I wouldn’t be doing it. Today will just be the week 3 schedule. Storytelling resumes tomorrow. Enjoy the day of rest God has given us today.


Sunday January 15th: Today is the death date anniversary for two ancestors: Morris MITCHELL (my paternal 6th great grandfather) and John BATES (my maternal 5th great grandfather- newly discovered this past fall!). I’m going to take a break today and spend this beautiful Sunday with family and hope that some of them start feeling better this week. We’ll celebrate the lives of these two men on Monday and Tuesday this week. Happy Lord’s Day!

Monday January 16th: First up this week, we celebrate the lives of two men: Morris MITCHELL’s (my paternal 6th great grandfather) and John BATES’ (my maternal 5th great grandfather) death date anniversaries were yesterday. In the interest of keeping the blog posts reasonably short I will post Morris’ story today and John’s story tomorrow.

Tuesday January 17th: Today I’ll tell the story of John BATES (my maternal 5th great grandfather).

Wednesday January 18th: David Elick CAWYER (Bart’s 2nd great grandfather). Elick was born in January of 1865. I’m not sure of the exact day so I chose this day to tell his story.

Thursday January 19th: Today we’re honoring the life of Dettie GIBSON BATES (my maternal great grandmother) by recognizing her death date anniversary. Today is also the birthday of Heinrich WOLF (Bart’s 3rd great grandfather) but for the sake of brevity we’ll do his story tomorrow.

Friday January 20th: Today we’ll celebrate the birthday of Bart’s 3rd great grandfather, Heinrich WOLF.

Saturday January 21st: Today is my son Derek’s birthday. I’d like everyone to celebrate by posting or sending me photos and stories of Derek- especially ones you don’t think I own or have seen/been told. I hope you’ll join in my celebration of his life. Today will also be the weekend wrap-up with updates on all the featured ancestors from this week.

Here’s a photo to enjoy today. I hope Cindy BRATTON MATTHEWS doesn’t mind:

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