Weekend Wrap-Up for Week 2

My computer has shut down four times while writing this one blog post. So if it’s a little choppy or the editing is done poorly- I’m sorry. I’m a little frustrated at this point! This has been a crazy busy week. I’m glad you’re coming back around the blog today for the weekend wrap-up. I’ve got lots to tell you! I’ll organize this post by following up on each featured ancestor in the order I presented them on the blog this week. Let’s get started!


First thing this week we talked about Ralph and the hubbub with how many siblings there were and where Alice UNDERWOOD EDENS fit into things. I emailed another researcher who I’ve been in touch with before about Alice. I explained to her the research I had in front of me, what my conclusions were and why, and offered her some documents. I asked her to read the blog post and get back to me with her thoughts and conclusions on the matter. She responded to my first email but didn’t respond again after that. I’m not sure if my conclusions about Alice upset her or whether she is just busy right now and unable to deal with genealogy. Since I’m not certain about her outlook I won’t post her name. I will, however, post Alice’s death certificate which Becky was kind enough to locate and send to me. You can see that the certificate declares Minerva’s parents to also be Alice’s parents. I still stand by my original conclusion although this particular record doesn’t support my conclusion. I am definitely open to anyone who would like to offer a different conclusion with supporting evidence. In the meantime, here’s that death certificate:


On Tuesday I featured James BUTLER. Becky had the great idea of putting the BUTLER-CAUDILL marriage certificate on a yellow background which makes it easier to read. EasiER- not easy. Here’s the copy she did for us:

The best and most exciting breakthrough of the week also comes courtesy of Becky and her stellar sleuthing abilities. She has finally found the couple I truly believe to be the parents of Nancy CAUDILL BUTLER. I’ve had several different couples listed and changed them for various reasons and the couple I have listed now is not a couple I was ever very sure of. However, this couple that Becky found looks to be the right ones FINALLY! Thanks, Becky!! Here’s the screenshot she sent me showing the family in the 1870 census:

So now you know! Nancy CAUDILL’S parents were Joseph and Martha BOWLIN CAUDILL. BOWLIN has also been spelled BOLLEN on some records.


There is so much to say about William! Becky came through for us again by finding the newspaper article about William’s tent burning and the city directory page. Great job, Becky! I thought it was a little odd that William lived in a tent but it turns out Tulsa was basically a tent city at that time so it was perfectly normal for that time period. Becky pointed out that also listed on the city directory page are William’s son Jess and his dad Joseph (my 3rd great grandfather who was 68 at the time!). They were all living together along with William’s wife Minerva and a Mrs. Emma LARKIN. I’m still trying to place this Emma. I don’t know of Jess or Joseph being married to an Emma nor do I know of Ralph (William’s other son) marrying an Emma. William had a daughter named Emma but she married a SPILLERS and this directory page specifically refers to her as “Mrs.”. So I’m still trying to place her. If you get it figured out before I do, please share with us!

The next time you’re driving around Tulsa (and wondering if William, Jess, and Joe might have paved the road you’re driving on) I want you to check out some locations if you have the time to wander around. Owen Park would be a good place to start. Vitrified Brick & Tile had their business located there at the location where Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School now stands. Tulsa Preservation Commission has a great PDF brochure you can access online that gives a little history about Vitrified Brick along with a sketch of the business as it looked in 1907. You can find it here. While you’re in that area you might as well drive by 121 N Nogales where the LARKIN’s lived. It’s near where the company used to be. Mechelle has agreed to get us some photos of the old fair ground district area which played a part in the newspaper article we read. She’ll get to that when she has some free time. Thanks Mechelle!

Do you remember that new Oklahoma vital records database I told you about in William’s blog post? Well I was able to get the death certificate for the William Larkin listed on the database (the one in the screenshot in the blog post). It was not our William LARKIN. I was really disappointed. I also tried to get the other one with the female LARKIN that was unnamed on the database (the other screenshot I posted). There were some issues and they wouldn’t release it to me. The Oklahoma City office is supposed to review my request and make a determination of whether I can have a copy of it. I haven’t heard from them yet but when I do I’ll let you know.

I’m also still working the mine angle and trying to find information about the mine William owned. I’ve found a spreadsheet online that gives me hope the information is out there somewhere. You can take a look at the spreadsheet here. I’m also looking through the finding aids at the State Historical Society of Missouri to see if they have records. I found a map here that defines the Aurora Mining District and a second map that shows current mines in the area. Also I’ll still need to make another trip to the courthouse in Lawrence County to see what they have. I’m working on it but don’t let that stop you from trying to figure out the mystery before I do! If you make a discovery share it with us!


I hope you noticed that this time I included Clara’s middle names. Thanks for reminding me, Bob! He said the photo I used in the blog post was from their 50th wedding anniversary. He also told me a great little story that’s too good to keep to myself! He said, “Grandma’s (Clara’s) Dad, Michael Turk, had no use for William Wolf. He packed up his daughter and sent her to Cleveland. William went after her. That’s why they were married in Ohio.” That clears up a long-time mystery for me! I always wondered how they ended up marrying in Ohio. Problem solved! Thanks, Bob! Bob was also kind enough to look at the cruise party photo and tell me Clara definitely wasn’t in that photo. After posting, I had gone in and enlarged the photo quite a bit and was at the same conclusion myself but I only have one photo of her and never met her so it was nice to get a family member’s opinion.

Betty let me know that the name of the town in which William was farming is actually Port Hope, not Fort Hope. Thanks, Betty! Also, Clara and William had two girls and three boys so I need to go back and correct that blog post. Thanks again, everyone!


I don’t have any updates on Charles or Esther but wanted to thank everyone for their kind words about these posts. I was in a hurry with Charles’ post and wasn’t happy with how choppy the story ended up being but some days I have next to no time to edit after I write. I don’t want that to stop me from getting the information out there, though. So, it is what it is. Thanks for sticking with me anyway! Thanks to Joyce for her kind words about how I handled Esther’s Alzheimer’s. I’m glad to know Esther would have approved.

Enjoy your weekend, family and friends! Next week will be another great week! Think positive thoughts, pray your prayers, love and support each other.

Until tomorrow,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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