Sunday, Week 2: Just Another Week in Paradise

This week is going to be all about my Dad’s family and Bart’s Mom’s family. Here’s your schedule for the week:

Monday the 9th: Ralph LARKIN’s death date. Ralph is my paternal great grandfather.
Tuesday the 10th: James BUTLER’s birth date. James is my paternal 3rd great grandfather.
Wednesday the 11th: William LARKIN’s birth date. William is my paternal 2nd great grandfather. His birth date is actually on Friday but I have 3 people to write about so rather than write one incredibly long post I thought I would tell one story each day this week.
Thursday the 12th: Clara TURK WOLF’s death date. Clara is Bart’s maternal great grandmother. Her death date is actually on Friday but as I said that’s a popular date so I’m writing about one person each day.
Friday the 13th (!!!): Charles WOLF’s death date. Charles is Bart’s maternal 2nd great grandfather. He is the third ancestor to share this day as a significant date.
Saturday the 14th: Esther MOELLER WOLF’s birth date. Esther is Bart’s maternal grandmother.

I can’t promise these blog posts will produce any new information for anyone because it’s going to be a pretty busy week. My goal this week is mostly just to commit some of the family stories to writing for preservation- not necessarily to provide new information to everyone. If you see a mistake that I’ve made please correct it. When I’ve got this much going on plus watching a toddler five days a week things can get pretty crazy and my mind isn’t fully focused on any one thing.

My house runneth over with cupcakes. Therefore this week I will be making warm drinks rather than cupcakes to celebrate birthdays. Possibilities are tea (maybe Chai or spiced), eggnog, hot cocoa, Golden Milk, Wassail, and some good old coffee- heavily flavored, of course. You’re welcome to join me. If you haven’t gotten your Yarzeit candle and you want to join me on the days we are honoring death date anniversaries be sure to add that to your grocery list this week.

Just for fun I’m going to leave you with a fun photo I came across last week in my files.

I’m hoping someone can clarify who the people in the photo are. I’m *guessing* that I’m the girl standing up on the left and my brother Cortney (?) is sitting by my feet. Next to Cortney is Mechelle on the floor and Chris is standing on the far right. Seated is Aunt Connie (behind me- you can hardly see her face), my Mam (Audrey), Uncle Junior (?) next to her, and my Papa Gene seated on the far right. Someone’s hand is in the photo on the far left. I think that might possibly be my dad. The two poodles belonged to Mam. I had no idea I had a photo of their poodles. I think this might possibly be the trailer they rented at the top of the hill on the East side of the highway after you turn North off of Highway 20 at the Oklahoma/Arkansas junction to go toward Southwest City, Missouri. That’s the only place I remember them having those poodles. The mama poodle had a litter of pups once and my brother Cortney got too close and she bit him on the lip. That’s what I remember about those poodles!

I’m looking forward to sharing stories with you this week. If you have any stories that you’d be willing to share on the blog please message me.

Until tomorrow,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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