Oldest and Youngest

Today is a photo blog day. The theme is ‘oldest & youngest’. I mostly post people photos but today I’m posting a pet photo. We’ve almost always had animals since we were first married. They are a big part of our family. This is a photo of Sparky (the Lab) and Bogey (the Dachshund). At this time (2010), Sparky was our oldest pet and Bogey our youngest. Sparky lived longer than any other dog we’ve had and he was one that we got when he was just a puppy. Derek brought Bogey home to us when Derek was still living at home and later Bogey was stolen from our driveway. (I won’t even get started on what I think about thieves and the lack of police action against thieves where I live! Bogey was highly identifiable because a snake had bitten his ear and it was crumpled. If you ever see him, please call out the thief who now has him and then get in touch with me!) Sparky passed away because of an enlarged heart not long after this photo was taken. Sparky was a special dog. He raised our kittens and always took in (and took care of) the other dogs we brought home, like Bogey and Ginger (our Dachshunds). We miss Sparky and Bogey.

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