Medical Monday: An Apple a Day, A Test a Year- Whatever it Takes

This is a late post but an important one. Periodically I have to begin a round of tests to ensure that I do not have cancer. This has been going on for about 10 years now. Occasionally, after what I think will be a routine exam, the doctor will say, “There’s something that I’m not sure about. Let’s do some tests.” So I go do the tests and then it’s wait wait wait wait wait…then, “Ok well it seems like everything is fine so we’ll just watch and wait.” And then I’m put on an every six-month schedule to see the doctor for at least a year and a half until they’re comfortable with the way everything is going. Last year I was referred out to a breast cancer doctor in Tulsa so she could take a look and give her input. It was a little stressful to be bumped up from OB-GYN care to a breast cancer doctor. Let’s be honest…it was nerve-racking. She was great though and even got me a genetic cancer screening paid for by insurance and it said everything was fine. So I felt confident that I was healthy and I went on about my business. But really- who knows the future? I just had another visit to the breast cancer doctor today for an exam. Regular exams are so important. Guys (men!)- don’t think you’re immune to breast cancer because it hits guys, too. For that matter, don’t ignore any signs or symptoms of any type of cancer. If something isn’t right- go to the doctor! Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. In this day and age, cancer is survivable- especially if you seek treatment right away.

Just to emphasize what I’m saying (for those of you who share some of my genetic history), I’m going to post photos of causes of death on ONLY THREE of my direct line paternal ancestors. There’s plenty on mom’s side too, so don’t think y’all are off the hook just because I’m talking about my paternal family. Please- get regular exams no matter how uncomfortable they may be!

I know that these are ancestors who died of cancer but this was a long time ago. Cancer is treatable now. The people who love you need you to TRY! So go get examined today if you’re having problems- and maybe even if you’re not. Preventive maintenance is the best policy.

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Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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