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Today’s blog theme is ‘heirloom’. This is another topic that has already been covered this month so I planned on doing something different for the final blog post in this month-long challenge. I’ve written a post about Derek so now I want to finish up with a blog post about Shaina and my stint as a ‘drama mom’. It’s going to be short and sweet, I hope, since we are still struggling with the hot water heater problem.

I remember when Derek was in 2nd grade his teacher (I wish I could remember her name- he loved her) commented to me once about how dramatic Derek was. I must have looked at her like she had two heads and I remember saying, “He is?!” She went on to tell me the ways in which Derek was dramatic and all I could say was that I guessed I hadn’t noticed that Derek was dramatic since his sister was so much MORE dramatic all the time. ALL the time.

Over the years both my kids were in quite a few plays. I truly enjoyed my time as a drama mom. I was in a play in 1st grade and loved it but once I got to high school I didn’t have enough confidence or self-esteem to be in drama. I kind of lived through my kids during their drama years. So to close out this month, here are a few mementos of some of the plays Shaina was involved in. She was a good actress and I’m proud of her.

Shaina is front and center- almost covered up by the music stand.

Shaina is at the microphone for her solo part.
Candy Cane Christmas- Kuna Life Center, Kuna, Idaho.

Shaina is in the center in blue shorts.

Shaina is next to the cheerleader on the right.
Summer drama camp- Grease musical

I thought I had lost all these photos in a computer crash! I was just saying a few days ago how much I would like to have a photo from this play. This is Shaina and my nephew, Patrick, in The Plain Brown Bear. Shaina and Patrick earned the two leading roles in the play. Shaina is on the far right in a dark blue dress and is sitting. Patrick is front and center in the bear costume. Both Shaina and Patrick gave excellent performances. This was Shaina’s final stage performance. She showed her maturity as an actress on stage.

Bart and Derek are wearing the Roman soldier costumes. I am seated to the left of Bart and Shaina is the girl seated next to Derek, between Bart and Derek. In the upper right corner I’m pretty sure that’s Derek getting a pie smashed in his face by Jackie Lingle.

In the upper row on the far right is Derek and the girl in front of him wearing the purplish-pinkish costume is Shaina.

I *think* both my kids are in the upper tier with Shaina being on the far right in the green costume and Derek being third from the right in a yellowish/beigish costume.

This is the opening scene. I am on the upper tier in the white costume helping someone with their flag. It was a windy night and the flags were difficult to handle that night. I *think* that might be Shaina below me and to the right next to the maroon-colored curtain on the building. The girl wearing the green dress.

2010- our final season in the Picture in Scripture play at Disney, Oklahoma. The final picture is Bart and Derek playing the two thieves on the cross and me as Mary. Shaina was in the crowd below us.

I think this was the 2003 season- our first year in the play. Shaina is in the circle on the left. Bart and I are circled together and Derek is in the other circle.

Finally, Shaina in The Little Prince and me as backstage drama mom in The Little Prince. She got to wear a fat suit and play a male character:

Me backstage helping one of the cast members with her costume.

The fat suit was a chore to get into.

Shaina posing for the camera with her cast friend.

So much emotion! One of the play rehearsals.

This was backstage on either a dress rehearsal or one of the show nights. This was Shaina’s next to last stage role. She showed a lot of maturity on stage and in accepting the role she received.

It was stage tradition for the actor/actress to write their favorite line from the play on the wall backstage. I can’t remember the lines Shaina chose but maybe if she remembers she will share them with us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the November blogs. I’m going to take a break in December. I need to start on Christmas presents before I run out of time! You may only see two blog posts from me in the final month of 2016 but I’ll still be around blogging when I can.

Until next time,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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