Dreams and Wishes

The blog theme today is ‘food’. I had no intention of writing about food. I feel like we’ve covered that topic well this month. As I was considering an alternative topic last night, our hot water heater went out so we’ve been dealing with that problem today. That means another short and sweet blog post for you.

Dreams and Wishes
Bart and I have lived in our current home 10 years now (longer than I’ve ever lived in any one house). That means most of our appliances have now hit the 10 year mark as well. We knew this day was coming soon when the appliances would start shutting down. This little hot-water-heater bump in the road has kicked off yet another round of discussions about getting started on building a new house. You see, the place we’re living in was always meant to be the garage. We never intended to live in it long- and definitely not 10 years, yet here we are.

So tonight we drug out this:

Our all-time favorite house plan. Now we’re hashing out our options and what our next move will be (other than buying and installing that new hot water heater, of course).

Here’s to your dreams and wishes. I hope they come true for you.

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