Today’s theme is ‘antique’. That’s like saying “go search for Sam Williams”. WHICH ONE??? I go from “almost impossible” (‘sky’ theme) to “the world is available” (‘antique’ theme). Feast or famine, I guess. Today’s antique is something my grandma (Audrey DRAKE- ‘Mam’) made. I believe this one was made in the late 1980’s but I can’t be sure. I also have some individual blocks that I framed. They were supposed to be coasters but I wanted to keep them from getting stained so I framed them.

Crochet runner made by Audrey DRAKE

Mam- Audrey DRAKE

Over the years I’ve acquired a variety of homemade items. Mam often made things for Christmas, weddings, etc. I have several pieces she’s done. Somewhere packed away I also have a doll that Bess LARKIN crocheted for me. I have several quilts that hold special meaning. Some were made by Jessie BATES (‘Granny’) for me, some were made with individual blocks she made but never put into a quilt or with extra fabric she had on hand when she died. I have quilts Kay DRAKE (‘Mom’) made, quilts that Joyce WILLIAMS (my mother-in-law) made, and quilts I’ve made and not given away. I have paintings that Becky DRAKE has done and given me, things my kids and Melissa SCHREIBER (my daughter-in-law) have made for me, things my nieces and nephew and Jared DRAKE (my brother) have made, etc. I love these items dearly. Each of these items is very special to me. Each time the items are used or viewed I remember the person who made them and what that person means to me.

Framed quilt block. Block was made by Granny.

Jessie BATES- Granny

Some of my favorite Christmases were the ‘handmade Christmases’ we had at my Mom and Dad’s house. Everyone should give that a try at least once. I need to start labeling my treasured items soon so if I should die at least people will know what each item is and why it’s special. This is a task Becky and I have talked about doing for a while now. We need to get moving on it! I encourage each of you to post a photo of one homemade item you treasure and why it’s special to you. You may be the only one on earth who knows the significance of a particular piece. Mark your items this week whether you do it by video, by photograph, in writing- however you choose to do it. Make plans for who will get the item when you pass and make your wishes known. If you don’t make plans for your special items they may end up in the trash when you die if for no other reason than no one else recognizes what those items are. Enjoy your week and get busy with your ‘assigned task’.

Until next time,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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