Quotes from a Wise Granny

In my Granny’s later years she had age-related dementia. I would sometimes go over and sit with her a few hours or take care of her overnight when needed. During those times that I stayed with her she often doled out advice. September 21, 2010 was one of those times she gave me some advice. I was caring for her at her house. She thought I was a Meals-on-Wheels person and that we were at her work. (I’m not sure why since we weren’t doing anything that could be considered work but such is the nature of dementia.) On that day she told me,

“If you listen and keep your mouth shut, you learn things- and nobody can say anything bad about you if you keep your mouth shut!”

She was 97 years old at that time.

Granny on the day she made the quote above. In this photo we were sitting on her front porch enjoying the weather and sunshine and talking.

She was a smart woman. One thing I’ve told my daughter often is to keep her mouth shut at work especially until she knows everyone. The people who are quickest to screw you over are the same ones who are quickest to be your friend at work. I hate that this is true. Wouldn’t life be so much nicer and easier if we could just be friends, support and encourage one another, and depend on each other? This week, love your neighbor like you love yourself. Be nice, do nice, speak nice. (Grammar police- just keep going. I already know that wasn’t grammatically correct. lol) I’m going to try especially hard this week to do the same.

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