You Got a Document for That?

Today’s theme is ‘document’ and we’ll be looking at documentation for my Nation American heritage.

My 3rd great-grandfather was Jefferson LATTY. (For my family, the line goes from Granny BATES to her mom Laura BULLOCK to Laura’s mom Druziller Mahala LATTY to Druziller’s dad Jefferson LATTY. Researchers believe that Jefferson’s wife, Irena WALLS, was also Native American- 1/8 Cherokee and 1/8 Catawba- but I have not seen any kind of proof for that.

Jefferson was Cherokee and was censused with his family on the Drennen Roll. The Drennen Roll was called the “Trail of Tears” census. Some believe this census was a list of those who walked the Trail of Tears but no evidence has been found to prove this is true. It was the first census of the Native Americans after the Trail of Tears happened. Jefferson was living in Saline District, Indian Territory at the time of the census and was living with A-ke, and Na-ne LATTY. If all my records were not packed away I think I could tell you who A-ke was. I believe Na-ne was his mom but couldn’t be certain until I get my hands on those records I have packed away. They were living near the TINER (also spelled TYNER) family who intermarried with LATTY’s and were also living near Allen, David, Diver, and Peggy LATTY. I know Peggy and Allen were siblings of Jefferson’s. I cannot remember the connection with David and Diver. (I really need to unpack all that genealogy so I can share it with you!)

Jefferson is toward the bottom in the left hand column.

Jefferson gave testimony in front of the Commission regarding his Native American heritage but he was not given a roll number. I can’t remember if the reason was that his sister had previously given testimony to the Commission that he was dead and somehow that was used against him or if it was because he did not still live in Indian Territory when roll numbers were issued. When I can find his testimony I will definitely update you on that.

Jefferson lived in the Saline District. You can see the old Saline District Courthouse for yourself. It’s in the country near Rose, Oklahoma. They have been restoring it for some time now with the hopes of opening it to the public. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place. You can also read about the Saline Courthouse Massacre here.

You can see more photos of the courthouse and get directions to find it here.

A few more facts about Jefferson

Jefferson was born in Tennessee around 1832. He married Irena WALLS in 1856 and they had five known children. He fought for the Confederates in the Civil War.

Fold3 image of service record.

He died in 1892 and is said to be buried in Jane Cemetery in Jane, McDonald County, Missouri but I have not found his grave or definitive proof he is buried there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Jefferson. He’s someone I’d really love to know more about. Sure would be nice if we could somehow prove our Cherokee heritage (and/or our Catawba/Cherokee heritage through his wife.) Maybe one day we’ll get there. If you want to help advance our family history please consider taking a DNA test. I recommend Family Tree DNA since they only require a cheek swab (much better for people with certain illnesses/conditions and older people since we don’t produce enough spit to fill a tube) and they don’t sell you DNA to big pharma and research companies. The tests are on sale right now and will likely go on sale again around Christmas. If you are interested, please let me know. I’d be glad to help you get started on that path to helping advance our family’s genealogy.

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