It’s been a long, hard day so I’m going to make this one fairly short. The theme today is ‘green’.

I thought of talking about green living as in ‘foraging’ and I thought of a couple other aspects of green today that I can no longer remember (don’t judge- it’s been a rough day!).

In the end, what I want to talk about is Army green. It’s Veteran’s Day. I want to thank my Dad for his service during Vietnam and to thank my mom for sticking with him during this time. Lots of women didn’t do that for their men.

My dad in uniform.

While I’m saying thanks, I’d like to include my father-in-law for his service in the Air Force.

My father-in-law in uniform.

Thank you both! Freedom is a beautiful thing. Bart and I love all four of you.

Until tomorrow,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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