Salvation Sunday- Infant Baptism and the Campbellites

I want to start doing some shorter posts since I know we’re all short on time and really- it takes so long to put together a complete story like the ones I’ve been doing the last year or so. So here’s a short blurb. The majority of this information is courtesy of my sister-in-law, Becky.

Levi Allen HUBBARD is my 4th great-grandfather. His wife, my 4th great-grandmother, was Nancy Indiana WHITE.

Levi and Indiana HUBBARD

Nancy went by the name Indiana. Levi’s family came to Missouri from Tennessee. Indiana’s family came to Missouri from…well…Indiana! Levi and Indiana’s first child was Maria Jane who married a widower- Hiram HOFFMAN. I’ll show you the story in Becky’s own words below. She sent this to me because it made her think of my son. She included a comment my son had written on Facebook about the topic back in 2010. I so appreciated her thoughtfulness. My son passed away before this information found it’s way to us, but she was right- my son would have loved it. So here’s an excerpt from Becky’s Facebook post from September 1 of this year:

“Lisa, I think Derek would’ve appreciated this bit of genealogy information.
I’ve been doing a little digging and Jared and Lisa’s 4th great grandfather, Levi Scott Hubbard, had a daughter named Maria Jane Hubbard. She married a widower, Hiram Hoffman who had a son named James B. from a previous marriage. Maria and Hiram had only one daughter that survived between them, Adeline Hoffman. She was born 26 Nov 1860. Hiram contracted measles and died in the service and when Maria applied for a widow’s pension an affidavit was given by her mother…stating she was present during Adeline’s birth and that Adeline was indeed Hiram’s child. In that affidavit it says that the doctor that was present during Adeline’s birth had moved away to Pennsylvania and they go on to mention why there is no public record of baptism for Adeline.
Here’s the part I think Derek would’ve enjoyed knowing.
He comes from Campbellites ….”

You can learn more about the Campbellites (“one of the first indigenous denominations in the United States” per Center for Restoration Studies) at Center for Restoration Studies, or, or one of my fave sites- Ohio History Central.

Just for fun, here is what my son had to say on the topic:
DeReK on paedobaptism.jpg

We joked about him using big words and us having to use a dictionary to understand any conversation with him. He called big and impressive words “mayonnaise words”. My kids started using that phrase when they were younger and ‘mayonnaise’ was itself a big and impressive word to spell.

I loved being a mom to my son and daughter. They caused me to be a better person than I ever would have been without them. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing this information with you and taking a walk down memory lane. I hope you’ll take some time this week and learn more about the Campbellites and compare their beliefs to yours. We grow in our faith when we learn and question what we know and believe. Grab your Bible and compare what it says to what you believe and what you learn about the Campbellites. That’s how you’ll be certain of what is truly right.

…but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect… 1 Peter 3:15, The Holy Bible

Hold fast to your hope and be prepared to share what you believe and why you believe it- “with gentleness and respect”! (And also- go visit Becky’s blog at Down in the Root Cellar/!)

Until next time,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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