Family History Conference of Northwest Arkansas 2017

This post is not a post about my family history. Today I want to let you in on something exciting about my own life. I’m pleased to announce that I made a proposal to teach a session at the 2017 Family History Conference of Northwest Arkansas and was given the green light to do it! My session will be about telling your family history stories through blogging- a how-to-do-it class including resources, how to choose a platform, and all the little nuances of doing a blog (and maybe a little about storytelling). This will be my second speaking engagement but the first that I’ve done in at least 15 years. (To put it into perspective- the last time I spoke to a group like this, blogging wasn’t even a thing yet!)

I encourage you to go register for the conference. You don’t have to take my session if you don’t want to, but do go. It’s a good learning conference and it’s free. You can register here at Family History Conference NWA. They don’t have the 2017 schedule up yet but you CAN reserve your spot now and be ready. I don’t think they are requiring you to choose sessions yet but if it should ask you which sessions you want to attend, just pick one. You aren’t locked into a session just because you chose it at registration. They ask you to choose just to get a general gauge for interest in a topic so they can put popular classes into the larger rooms. So don’t worry about locking yourself in- they are very flexible!

I hope to see you there!

Until next time,
Lisa @ Days of Our Lives

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