Jealousy and Bad Whiskey: We, the Jury, find the Defendant William Petty….

We made it! It’s verdict time! You’ve taken all weekend to deliberate. You’ve looked at Charles’ SMOLEY’s “alibi” that he was at someone else’s house even though ALL other reports say he was at the murder scene. You’ve heard about Willie’s varied “adventures” throughout his life (including no less than 3 major instances involving guns). You’ve waded through the muck of Willie’s and Isabelle’s marriage and seen how that ended. You’ve met Andrew MEDFORD via his granddaughter-in-law; watched as Press SEELY’s friends walked away from him- the last of anyone who cared about him to see him alive. You’ve heard all the important stuff.

One question was asked that didn’t get answered. This one’s for you, Becky: there was an article that said Press’s family refused to claim his body. However, there were many articles that say the family as well as the town residents were in an uproar that Willie wasn’t on trial due to his not-so-favorable reputation and past. Maybe both are true. Maybe the family was so angry that the government and law enforcement officials were not even investigating the murder that they decided to let the county foot the bill for the funeral and burial. After all, even the town residents were angry about that. I kind of think that initially, that was their outlook. Then they thought about it and claimed the body. Why would Press’s brother come all that way for the funeral (and miss it by one day!) if he didn’t care? Why, if the county really buried Press, did he have that nice of a headstone? I don’t think the county would have provided one that nice if they had to foot the bill. Maybe, Becky, you and I should take a little trip up to Dearing and find out!!

Ok. So here it is. THE VERDICT poll. NOTE: If this poll doesn’t work, just post a comment in the comments section below with all your answers. I’ve found that the Livejournal blog polls aren’t very user-friendly. Next time I will probably use Survey Monkey which is easy and fast.

1. Click on the Poll number (looks like “Poll #2044784”. It will take you to the poll.)
2. Click “Fill Out the Poll” at the top left of the page.
3. It will make you sign in. You don’t have to have a Livejournal account. You can sign in using Facebook or other social media.
4. Complete the poll and click “Submit Poll”.
5. Enjoy reading the results.
6. If it doesn’t work, put your answers in the comments section at the end of the blog post.

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