It’s been a very long time since I posted anything. 2011-2013 were very difficult years. We’ve been blessed with additions of 3 grandsons but we’ve lost many loved ones during 2011-2013. Nonetheless, God chooses our paths and we trust his goodness and mercy.

I wanted to get back to posting new year’s resolutions pertaining to my genealogy. It seems like there is always some serendipitous find after I post my goals to the universe. I love that! I fashioned my goal-setting from Amy Coffin’s The We Tree Genealogy Blog at I did add one type of goal to her suggestions- a sharing goal.

In 2012, my genealogy goals are:
1. To learn more about my great-great-grandfather’s family (Nicholas Wilhelm Reiter)(Research goal)
2. To blog consistently. (Writing goal)
3. To scan in at least some of my proof documents (B/M/D, census, etc)(Organizing goal)
4. To share some of the family history and research with relatives (Sharing goal)

Previous research goals have been met by the above-mentioned serendipitous finds. My previous writing and organizing goals have been hit-and-miss as far as completion. My sharing goals could be increased. So there you have it. Good luck with your own goals and I invite you to post them here.


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