Mary Elizabeth LANE LARKIN 1853-1899 OH>MO

Mary Elizabeth LANE was my 3rd great grandmother through my paternal grandmother’s line. The information I have about Mary is that she was born on 3 October 1853 in Ohio. In about 1867 or 1868 she married my 3rd great grandfather, Joseph L. LARKIN. Together they had 10 children. She died 3 June 1899 in McDowell, Barry, Missouri, USA. She attended the Christian Church in McDowell, Barry, Missouri, USA. Until a couple of days ago the only information I had about her burial was that she was buried overlooking the Old Mill in McDowell. My husband and I have been to McDowell and managed to find someone who gave us good enough directions that we were able to find the Old Mill. We were unable to find Mary’s gravesite- or anyone else’s- in that area.

This week, I was fortunate enough to get to spend one day at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. There I found an obituary for Mary which provided a little more information about her burial. The obituary reads as follows:

Died June 3, Mary E., wife of Joseph Larkin, age 46 years, 8 months, 6 days. Died at her home on Camp Bliss Hollow. Buried in graveyard near the McDowell Mills. Married at age 15 in Ohio to Joseph Larkin who, with 10 children, survive her.

(Information taken from Southwest Missouri Newspaper Abstracts, Vol. 18; specifically, the Cass Republican newspaper.)

The information gleaned from the obituary lets me know that she was married in 1868, not 1867. It gives me the location of her residence at the time of her death and tells me that she passed away there. It also tells me that there is a graveyard in the area of the Mill as opposed to a single grave or two which was what had previously been conveyed to me.

My research plan for Mary includes a second trip to McDowell, Barry, Missouri, USA. The information I gleaned from the obituary, along with other information I have found on the internet in regard to possible gravesites located in the Mill area, will be useful in making another attempt at locating the graveyard. I hope to also locate Camp Bliss Hollow. One of the things I was not able to do on the last trip was to locate the old Christian Church that Mary attended when she lived in McDowell. I would like to try finding the church again as well. Additionally, I hope to make at least one more trip to the FHL while I’m in Utah to locate as much additional information as I can about Mary and Joseph.

The only thing I hope I don’t find again when I return to McDowell is that coiled up rattlesnake I almost stepped on! Good thing it was too cold for him to move or I would have been bitten!

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